Tuesday, December 27, 2011


A quick update: The wonky square quilt is coming along. ;)

A HORRIBLE picture, but here they are all pieced and ready to be put together. Maybe they will all be together by tomorrow, and a better picture will accompany the completion.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Graduation Technically

I guess you have been wondering, I thought that I had already written this post, and as I could not find it, let me share the news.

I GRADUATED!! That is right. I am a graduate! Graduation date (technical date) was on December 21, but the graduation ceremony is not until January 14. That means no graduation pictures for a few more weeks.

So, I am filling out applications, waiting for my certification to be approved, and I went back to my old job. I love this job but teaching is what I have been preparing for and my life long dream and goal.

Here is to the future and what it may hold.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wonky Squares

Remember this post?
Well I am working on the wonky squares and should be finished with the top soon and the quilt soon after that. My nephew made his appearence in September. I want him to be able to use the quilt in this cold.
Here is a better example of what the quilt should look like:Wonky Squares Small
And here is the tutorial that I am using for this quilt:Wonky Squares Tutorial

Friday, December 23, 2011

Alabama Wreath

If you live in Alabama you often hear the war cries of the faithful football fans. In fall when college football starts the calls of "Roll Tide" and "War Eagle" are heard every where. This call does not die of completly when football season ends it is simply not every other work spoken.

This is to say that there are MANY die hard fans here, and I made a wreath for one.

This is my first wreath. It has been an interesting experience.
I used these posts as references:
ruffle and wrap
flowers the circle ones
I made the pointy flower up. It is just long petals sewn together at the tips and then placed using a long pin.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Xs and Os

This is a quilt that my mom pieced. She named it The Big Kiss because she arranged the white squares to make a circle or a big O. This is the second quilt top she has made, and she made it very quickly. She made it for a cousin for her fifty year anniversary. My mother was the maid of honor in the original wedding. She asked me to quilt it for her, so this is my current project.

I had to piece the batting. I did not have a big enough piece for the quilt. What I had needed to be ten inches wider. So I butt together another piece that was about twenty inches wide and zigzagged it together with my machine. I had never zigzagged batting together with the machine. In the past I just whip stitched it by hand. This was one hundred times better! It was completely flat and it did not take as much time, so I will definitely be doing this in the future! The entire time I was wondering what took me so long to try this.

I could not decide on a quilt pattern. So, first I tried to make stipple it but the thread kept breaking every few inches. I must be doing something wrong, so I gave up on that and got out the trusty seam ripper. Then I went back to the drawing board. I though kiss O hug X and decided to quilt a big X on the quilt.

I have quilted the X and echoed it a few times, but I did not want to quilt the entire quilt with the straight line of the X. So, I went back to the stipple in the corners of the X and the thread broke worse. I do not seem to be having luck with the stipple and this quilt.

Now I am just pondering how to finish it. I may just finish the straight lines or come up with something else. We will see.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Green Strip

I have finished this quilt as a gift for a certain person who has been a great help during my student teaching. Don't you think that a classroom make the perfect backdrop for this kind of gift.

I asked both of her children, at different times, what her favorite color was. Both told me that it was green. I have been wanting to make a strip quilt ever since I saw this post.

Maybe you can see them since they almost blend into the floor!

I rearranged and took out a few strips that would make this quilt too long and sewed them all together. (I think the previous picture is after I took out the few extra strips. I am reserving them for a quilt for my mom.) This is a lap quilt meant to be snuggled under while reading. So it is not meant to be big and long. Don't you just love the leaves? I knew that I had to get them then or they would be gone. Now my trees are bare.

Then I brought it back to the kitchen floor for basting.

I finished binding this over the Thanksgiving holiday. I thought that the dark green would be perfect.

The back is pieced. I prefer a patterned back to a quilt and this fabric was great, but I did not have enough. I had the dark green, but I was quilting in white and wanted to make sure there was enough for the binding. I had enough of this white left, so into the mix it went. I really like how it turned out. I will be making more quilts like this, but perhaps with a bigger color palette.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Wrapped in Hope

The 2012 Wrapped in Hope list is up. You can also find information about this ministry here.

I love making these quilts! I made these two quilts this year.

For the new 2012 list I am making a quilt for a young lady who will turn ten in January. She likes turtles, pink, and purple which is perfect because I love turtles, pink, and purple! Also, I have the perfect fabric! I have been collecting turtle fabric for a long time, so I knew exactly what fabric to chose.

I bought this turtle fabric about ten years ago. It was intended to make a couple of pillowcases, but I was new at sewing. I did not know the proper size to cut the fabric to make a pillowcase and just abandoned the project until the beginning of last year when I made this pillowcase.

When I read her requests I pulled it out and looked at it. It was perfect. Then I pulled out all of my pink and purple fabrics. With the large size of the turtle on the fabric I wanted it to be big. So I decided on a six inch finished square and decided that I wanted to put sashing (two by six inch finished) and corner stones (two inch finished) around it.

The required finished size of the quilt is 40"x60". So, I decided to make twenty four blocks (ten inches finished each). After I piece the blocks together, I plan on sewing on a lime green boarder and then a scrappy boarder of pinks, purples, and turtle fabric. I already have six blocks together and I have some of that pink fabric from the pillowcase used as corner stones.

What do you think? I love it!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Student Teaching Wrap-up

I am almost finished student teaching. It is bittersweet. I am going to miss teaching for now, but it will be great to graduate and have the possibility to have my own classroom and classes.

The teachers who have welcomed me into their classrooms have been marvelous. They have taught me many things from their experiences and allowed me to make my own. They have been more than helpful in every way including giving me direction when I was unsure of my next move. They have shared resources unexpectedly and openly. Most of all they welcomed and accepted me and that means so much.

The students have been a great mixture. They were very respectful and attentive. I was very proud to have been their teacher for a short time.

I have one final day as a student teacher and then we will see what kind of adventures will follow.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Quilt Comic

We all like to laugh, right? Although I am sure that as quilters and/or fabric lovers you have already seen or heard about these comics that talk about or depict fabric and quilts, but for your and my pleasure here they are again!

quilt comics

Pickles cartoon on fabric!

Friday, November 18, 2011

T-Shirt quilt finish

T-Shirt quilt

I finally finished the last little touches of the t-shirt quilt. I know that I said that I had it finished. I did have it finished. It was quilted with the binding, but it did not have a label or a sleeve. This quilt will be hung in an office and it was requested to have a sleeve. With the business of student teaching, I put this quilt on the back burner. This week I had some time and felt productive, so I finished and put both the sleeve and label on the quilt.

I delivered this quilt yesterday and it felt so nice to be able to have it both finished and delivered. The best part is that it is for a great friend who I know will treasure it.

There is a story behind this quilt. My friend is the Director of Wesley Fellowship at my university. She has been the Director of Wesley Fellowship for over ten years. She has spent about six years at my university and another five or so divided between a college and another university. These T-shirts are from her collection over her time as director. What a great quilt to place in her office.

I have a few of these shirts and plan on making a T-shirt quilt for myself after graduation from all of my college/university T-shirts, and with the idea that I may continue, either in graduate school or for another certification, that may be awhile.

So, yesterday before I delivered this quilt I HAD to take a picture. I have loaned my camera to my sister and, although I have been promised pictures, I had to make sure that I had one. To get a good picture, I went to my university and took a picture in the room that we hold our meeting(they have a coffee shop there). I used my phone, which does not give the best pictures. I was alone and needed someone to hold the quilt. I went right up to the counter of the coffee shop and asked the girl there to help. She looked a little uncertain, but I told her that I was not taking a picture of her that she would be behind the quilt. She had already agreed and seemed to have come to this conclusion on her own but also relieved. So, here is a big thank you to the coffee girl!

previous posts here, here, and here
size 56"x70"
machine and hand quilted

*edited to say this: This is the first time that I have linked one of my blogs to any other blog. After looking at a few other links I noticed that they mentioned the link. So, here you go: This post is linked to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday 4. Amanda Jean's blog Crazy Mom Quilts is the first blog that I started following and is the reason that I started my blog. Her blog is very informative, funny, inspirational, and down-to-Earth. Check her blog out sometime.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Baby Sheets

In the past few months I have been whipping up baby sheets. I have tried to count how many, but I cannot count an exact number. It is somewhere between 15 and 20.

This is one that I made for Jacob. It turned out to be the only sheet she had, so I had to make her a couple more! I was pleasantly surprised that the sheet matched the bedding so well, since I did not know what the colors were. *I did not make anything else in this picture and credit for this picture goes to Mindy.

You have already seen three other sheets that I made for Mack, but I am not sure how much I have mentioned about my baby sheet production.

I have so far made sheets for at least seven babies; six boys, six girls, and a currently unknown. I did not take any pictures of these. I think it is because they do not take as much time to make them as a quilt, and for some they were finished and delivered on the same day.

I have to say that I do not think I would have made the first sheet if I had not bought the serger. I love that thing.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mack Details

Welcome to the world Mack! You are going to have a great time!

To welcome Mack, I have a wrap-up of his bedding.

I completely forgot to measure this quilt! Oh well. Sometimes in our excitement to give we just forget.

A few things about this quilt: I used the squares I cut from the sheet fabrics to make this quilt. I needed a few more fabrics to fill it out so I added the white fabric and the corner red squares.

I used this tutorial to make the sheets.

And this tutorial to make the bumpers.

Original post

Monday, October 10, 2011

Mack's Quilt

I told you I was still quilting and making stuff.

This is Mack's quilt (with his beautiful mother).

His sheets and bumpers.

And all three together.

I also made a blanket for him, but I do not have any pictures of that.

This baby is scheduled to be here in just a week! Can't wait to meet you Mack!
Original post
*Credit to Julie Barnett for the last two pictures.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wrong or Right Way?

I am loving this tutorial. As I was looking at it, I was thinking about how I would piece it. I do not mean to say that the way she pieced it is wrong. I just mean that we all piece things differently.

She pieced it by sewing rows together. For me I would piece it as if making nine patches then sew those together into units until I finally had to sew the long width together (I hate to sew the width or length), because that is how I prefer to put it together.

This thought reminded me about how hurt a fellow blogger was when someone (many people) made comments about the way that she was piecing her blocks together. They were telling her the "easier way" to piece the block she was making. It was rather rude.

The truth is that we all think our way is easier. Guess what, it is, but only to us. How can we think that our way is the only way? It is not about the only way to do something. It is about the finished product, if we enjoyed the journey, and enjoy the completion. Who cares how we got there. We all got a quilt didn't we?

I admit, right now, that I have made this mistake. I looked at a person's piecing and cringed. I did! I feel awful about it to this day. Maybe she has forgotten or forgiven me, but I still think about how I acted toward her piecing and regret it.

So, let's try to be nice and supportive to each other. We can do that, right? I am doing my best.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Still Quilting

Well, I am very busy! At times I feel overwhelmed, while others I feel validated. I often think to my self "I can do this!" and then just as quickly think "What was I thinking?"

During this time I have found SOME time to sew. I have finished the T-Shirt quilt, other than a sleeve and tag, and I have finished a simple baby quilt top. Not a lot to talk about, and I have not taken pictures.

So, just a quick re-cap of my sewing quilting activities and my woes at student teaching.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Have you looked at my project list lately? I have. I am behind. I took a road trip to see friends who might as well be family, and I let everything go (plus it was wishful thinking anyway ;) that I could get all of that done). It was nice to see them and forget self-imposed deadlines. Now the student teaching thing is about to start. I do not see a lot of progress being made starting Monday. With that said, do not look for a lot of posts. I will do what I can and work on projects. I will post as much as I can (example I will probably tell you about the fabric shopping I made on my trip) but do not expect a lot of stuff between here and December. I hope that I can get a lot of sewing stuff between now and then, but I am going to be student teacher crazy. See you on the other side! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Baby Stuff to Make

I think I am branching out. I am obsessed with making baby/ toddler sheets! I asked a friend (who is expecting) if she would like a set. She was very to happy to have them and asked me to make an entire baby room set that includes baby bumpers. That sounds exciting. I have already started. Chosen color: red! This is what I call a wonderful baby color. Newborns love the colors black, white, and RED.

Here are a few sources that I am using:
another bumper
most definitely baby sheets

Also I have been making several flannel baby blankets.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


work in progress

Today just me, the sewing machine, and this project!

Sewing is good therapy!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Surging (Serger) Thoughts

Being that I have only used a serger once (yes once and in high school no less) and I cannot figure out how to thread the thing or it needs to be fixed because it will not make a chain or sew properly, I have taken it in for servicing. It will come back threaded (thankfully, because that was a pain!) and should be in working order.

I am super excited about getting it back so that I can use it and make all sorts of things!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

T-Shirt Layout

To get an idea of a layout for this quilt I started arranging the rough cut t-shirts.

This looks like a promising layout.

As I have been pressing the interfacing and trimming the shirts into a conforming 16 inch square, the layout will most likely change. Soon I will have this top finished. I already have the backing material, so now I need to get my butt in gear, finish the top, get some batting (or at least dedicate some stashed for this project), and start quilting. Hmm... sounds like a plan that will start this weekend and end sometime next week!

Just for some fun (and because I need to get it in gear), I am making a wonky quilt similar to this one and using the tutorial, only in greens, yellows, and blues for a nephew due in September.

Monday, July 4, 2011


This will be my second T-Shirt quilt. I love making these; being able to turn a shirt that may not be worn again into a quilt to hang, snuggle into, or sleep under.

There are so many memories wrapped in a T-Shirt and once the quilt is finished it can be wrapped around a person to remind them of these memories.

I also love the idea of up-cycling something.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Serge Ahead!

Stupid pun, I know :o)

I got a serger! Now I will make a whole bunch more stuff. Like baby sheets for all those having babies... oh and more bandana pants!

I could not resist. I have been wanting a serger (I hate pressing over and then pressing again then sewing it... serge ahead!) and scouring Craig's list for a good one at a decent price. When I looked today it was right there! I could hardly believe it. I was super excited, and the lady I got it from was so happy that a stupid excited nut like me got it. Yeah serger!

Now I just need to get some thread for it. Joann's here I come.

Friday, July 1, 2011

eek...student teaching!

I know that I told you that I am working on my degree to be a teacher. Today I received the location of my school and the teacher that I will be working with. I know the school and teacher well, because it is the school that I work at!

I will be teaching English, and I am fairly sure that I will be teaching twelfth grade.

I am very nervous and excited and crazy. Well, I have approximately forty five days to get in shape. "Get to work!"

Time to write my leave of absents letter... ugh!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Syracuse Quilt Feature

My Syracuse quilt was posted on Margaret's Hope Chest!
That is so great! I really enjoyed making both this quilt and another, and I am glad to be a part of this ministry. They are in need of many more quilts. I am going to make one or two to fill the void. Will you?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Machine How I Love Thee!

I am back in the world of sewing machines. Although I LOVE hand quilting, I have learned the merit of the machine! Why have I not come around to this until now? I guess we all progress to something different at some point. Then we wonder why we did not want to do this. As I have said before I do not think I will stop hand quilting, but I will definitely be doing a lot more machine quilting. I still do not know how to get my needle to stay down, but I am not worried about it right now. I will progress there eventually, but for now I am enjoying the straight lines. I need to start somewhere.

I started the Batik quilt and a T-shirt quilt, but I am behind schedule. That is OK though, as long as I get them finished before August I will be happy. I am going to add some baby quilts to the list too. Oh how I love having a lot of quilts to work on and being behind, but I am quilting with a machine now so I can catch up!

Also, I really want a serger, because I want to make more bandanna pants, only better, and I want to make baby sheets that look professional! Off to Craig's list now.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


A little over a year ago a friend asked me to repair her father's quilt. It was a high school graduation present from his grandmother. It was not in the best shape, but, as I told my friend, it was repairable.

It was my goal to fix and return it by Christmas, but with my husband's illness I was unable to work on anything. It became my goal to finish it for Father's Day. I am proud to say it is finished!

She will be able to return it to her father (who thinks this quilt is in storage, in a closet, or something) tomorrow.

I love that I could repair this quilt.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Inspiration Calling

I have a few projects started and some with due dates that I MUST work on and finish, but this is calling my name.

I really want to make a quilt like this. So, I bought a lot of white fabric and cut it into 2 1/2" strips (rather than buying a white jelly roll), and I want to use batik fabric. I have a lot of batik fat quarters, so I cut into them.

They are obviously not the same length, so I am going to modify this a little. Instead of three rows, I am going to do two. They will be the length of the fat quarter, so approximately half the length they would be. Sort of like this one only half the length.

I intend to use the triangle ends, that are left over, as well in something. Maybe use them as a border, a baby quilt, orphan blocks, or something. The ideas are endless. I am also planning a quilt using this technique to make a wedding present. Stay tuned for that one (I already have the fabric).

Sunday, May 29, 2011

May Finish 2

I finished Trip's quilt.



Quilt: 43"x43"
Blocks finished: (1) 7"x7" (2) 14"x14"
Sashing finished: 2"x14" 2"x18" 2"x30" and 2"x34"
Borders finished: 4"x38"
The borders were all cut the same. They were sewn on so that each starts at the sashing and ends over another border. Like this awful doodle I made.

The center square is the quilt blocks with sashing and the outer rectangles are the borders.

I really enjoy the colors of this quilt. Of course turquoise and orange always look good together. And I love the block arrangement. The blocks have so many different looks. Sometimes they look like a wheel and other times a frame. I just really like how it turned out.

I still do not know the pattern name of the block. Sometimes differing placements of the blocks will have a different name. So, when I finally discover the name of this block, maybe the placement will have a different name. I am excited to find a true name for it, but kinda hope that my name, Trip, will stick.

I am glad to know that this quilt is going to someone who will love and enjoy it. Trip I know you will love it. Sorry that it took so long to finish it up.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

May Finish

I finished this quilt a week ago and have been waiting on the sun to come back out for some better pictures.

I do not think it really worked. I waited to late in the day. So pictures anyway, and this quilt it finally finished.

This is the first real pieced back that I have made. Other pieced backs were just a couple of pieced sewn together, but this has a row of pieced assorted leftover scraps. It was so much fun to make.

My favorite part of this quilt is the binding.

It has what was left of the fat quarter orange fabric and what was left of the turquoise and lime green fabric from the borders and backing.

quilt: 77"x 91"
blocks finished: 14"x14"
sashing finished: 2"x14"
setting squares finished: 2"x2"
sides finished: 5"x " 91"
top and bottom finished: 3 1/2"x 67"

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Making Binding

All that is left on my sister's Tweety quilt is the binding. I am working on that today! This quilt will soon be a finish of 2011! I know she is saying "Finally!"

I am using these two tutorials:
An everyday binding tutorial which is indepth and has lots of pictures!
How to completly machine bind a quilt.

Friday, May 13, 2011


There was a short unwanted pause in quilting the Tweety quilt! I did not want to stop, but I did not have a water soluble pen that worked! I got out my pen and it worked, a little, at first, then stopped for good. NOOOO! I got out my caulk marker and it worked for the parts I needed, at first. I had white caulk in it and was just marking on green.

I decided that after stitching in the ditch along the sashing I would quilt the rest in a diagonal pattern similar to this quilt. I tried to do something similar to the way she quilted, but I did not succeed. So, I gave up and decided to just mark it.

After stitching in the ditch, trying to use a card stock guide, and then deciding to mark it, I found that I needed to mark on the white and blue sections. I tried to mark the quilt with white caulk (using a tool I have that has powder caulk in it that comes out in a wheel) which did not work. Out of desperation I removed the white caulk and placed blue in it. It kinda worked, kinda. The caulk is not made to last, which is good, it was blending into the blue (I cannot find where I put it or I would have a name, brand, and a picture), and my quilting lines were not straight. After trying both ways and having wavy lines (that I refuse to remove, they are not that bad!), I decided to stop for a little while.

Tuesday I got a water soluble pen, and got to marking! The quilt has now been fully marked and is almost finished! When it is finished I will post pictures.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tweety Quilt

 Well, I finally started quilting my sister's Tweety Quilt.

I originally had the due date for her birthday, but she gave me 4 extra days! She is having a double birthday party with her boyfriend and told me I could give it to her then. Woo Hoo! 4 days. It will really be only 3 days, because I have to finish it before I go to the party. And what if she needs my help to decorate or something?! OK, that means I will NOT change to due date in my head! As long as I get it finished BEFORE the party we are good. So far it is about 1/4 quilted, and as soon as I finish this blog I will get back to work!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Busy Quilting Season!

I am finishing up the last semester before I go insane student teach. I have just a couple of odds and ends to finish up before I am free finished! Almost there!

With this out of the way I have plenty of time to work on quilts, that is I have three and a half months to play with glorious fabric.

I have created a list of projects and due dates that I truly hope to keep. This exciting for me. I do not usually finish projects on time, but with the help of due dates maybe I can keep everything in a manageable timeline. Also, on this page you will see Christmas projects. If you are family guess what you are getting!

What does that mean for you dear reader? That means I AM BACK! For a few months at least!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tornado Relief

If you would like to donate to help the victims this is the link to the Red Cross.

I would like to say that I am praying for my neighbors who have gone through these terrible tornadoes this past week. There have been many lives lost and the destruction is massive. I cannot completely describe what has occurred here. It is being called the second deadliest tornado outbreak in US history and the destruction is being compared to Katrina.

There were a couple of tornadoes that came very close to my home. They were in the same county, and I have seen the destruction first hand. This is a heartbreaking time for many people who have lost family, friends, dear ones, homes, and possessions. I was without power for three days, and my only loss was that of food. I know that this is very little in comparison to what others have lost.

There is so much to say about what has happened and what is happening, but all I really want to say is that I am very thankful for the support and love that my neighbors of this state and country have poured forth in this time of need! Thank you!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Further Thoughts on Syracuse

I was looking back at some of my past posts. I was looking at this post I made at the start of the year. I was in the planning stage of this quilt. Looking at Hills Creek Quilter's original post I realized that we used similar backs to our quilts!
How funny. We both used white fabric with colored dots! I think that means we are both geniuses!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

End of Semester/ Rather Be Quilting

I have a summer quilt project list made with due dates! I would rather be working on it, but instead I am working on school work and finishing the semester.

I want a sign that says "I would rather be quilting."

Monday, April 4, 2011

Syracuse Delivery

YAY! The Syracuse quilt was delivered this morning! I hope he enjoyes it, and I hope he had a great birthday.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

CARS Delivery

The Cars quilt was delivered!!! I hope he is enjoying it and having a great birthday!

MHC Quilts

Yay! Woo Hoo! I finished both quilts and mailed them both off. (Did I mention that I took on another quilt? I decided to make a Cars quilt, also due on the same day.) I sent the Cars quilt March 31 and the Syracuse quilt this morning. They are both for birthdays on April 3, which is a Sunday. Being a Sunday makes it a little difficult to get a package delivered on the day, however, I think it will work out.

The Cars quilt arrived this morning at the post office! I am crossing my fingers that it is delivered today, but if not he will receive it Monday! The Syracuse quilt is expected to arrive on Monday so maybe he will get his on Monday! Crossed fingers!!

I am just super excited to get these quilts sent on time! Finishing on time has always been my problem, especially when I have so much to do as it is. I loved making these quilts and hope that I can make more.

*this will be editied soon to add pictures.

Syracuse links here, here, here, and here.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Popping in for a moment

I am making a summer projects list. There are three that MUST be finished in May, but after those are finished I have June, July, and the first week in August to work on quilts. I am going to make at least one houndstooth quilt as a weeding gift. I will most likely make a total of three of those. I am also makeing a T-shirt quilt. I have made one already and it is not that difficult. On my wish list currently is this boxed-in quilt. Maybe I will make it last or as a gift for my expecting sister-in-law!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teacher in Progress

I am a college student, and I am one class away from being able to intern. I just wanted to let you know that I am not gone. I am just working two jobs, being a devoted wife to a healing husband, and finishing up school. So, if I am not updating every week, it is not because I do not love you. I simply am trying to get everything together outside of cyberspace.

I would like to update everyone on the Syracuse quilt. It is still in progress but not very far from being completed. Also, I have added another quilt due the same day! This quilt is a Disney/ Pixar's Cars quilt. Super excited about this quilt! I already have the fabric and a pattern in mind. It will not be elaborate since it is for a four year old. I plan on finishing the Syracuse quilt top first before starting on it.

I am really worried about the quilting. I am afraid I will not get either finished on time. I may get outside help. This will be a first for me. If anyone wants the quilting job let me know. We may work something out.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Syracuse Piecing

I started piecing the Syracuse Quilt.! I wanted to make a practice block to begin with, but of course you have to make two at a time. I kind of like that. It is like getting two for one!

It is kind of like making a log cabin quilt block.

I was so worried when I cut them in quarters. I mean, what if I slip? I don't have enough of some fabric to start a block over.

I almost want to turn the final orange polka dot into an orange fabric because of the pattern: white, blue, orange, white, blue, orange. I think it would be to much orange, and I like it this way, besides as I just stated, not enough fabric to really start over. What do you think?

It will look really awesome when it is put together!!

If you are reading this in Alabama you may think this looks like an Auburn quilt. Sorry, it is not, but I am going to make an Auburn string quilt with the leftovers! Who should the luck recipient be?

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pieces of Syracuse

I am making progress on the Syracuse quilt.
I arranged my fabric in several different ways, making several changes along the way.

Beginning placement

Without the orange polka dot fabric, I began to arrange the fabrics, imagining some of the white fabric to be orange polka dot.

I liked this arrangement and thought I would go with it, but things always change.


After I realized that I did not have enough fabric for some of the larger strips, I had to rearrange again.

Final decision

And again. This time I was set. Perfect amount of fabric, and I liked the arrangement.

 Finally with the decision on fabric placement made, I began cutting them into squares and strips!

Squares and strips cut and ready for the next step

Soon I will be sewing blocks and then the quilt together! I am really beginning to like the look of this quilt.
*PS If you saw some of this post earlier this week I apologize. It was supposed to be a draft. I guess I accidentally posted it. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Big Puppy Love

So, I have made some more puppy beds. These are going to sisters!
I imagine they will end up sharing like my babies do. As you have seen of course.

I got annoyed at the zipper for the last one and decided I was not going to look at the directions, because they were so confusing. I made my own way, and I think it was better.
So, the zipper and I are almost friends now.

I did not have a big enough zipper for the bottom gigantic puppy bed, so I used two, and although they are not the same color, it works.
Can you tell from the picture that they one is white and the other cream? Yeah, I really didn't think so.