Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wrong or Right Way?

I am loving this tutorial. As I was looking at it, I was thinking about how I would piece it. I do not mean to say that the way she pieced it is wrong. I just mean that we all piece things differently.

She pieced it by sewing rows together. For me I would piece it as if making nine patches then sew those together into units until I finally had to sew the long width together (I hate to sew the width or length), because that is how I prefer to put it together.

This thought reminded me about how hurt a fellow blogger was when someone (many people) made comments about the way that she was piecing her blocks together. They were telling her the "easier way" to piece the block she was making. It was rather rude.

The truth is that we all think our way is easier. Guess what, it is, but only to us. How can we think that our way is the only way? It is not about the only way to do something. It is about the finished product, if we enjoyed the journey, and enjoy the completion. Who cares how we got there. We all got a quilt didn't we?

I admit, right now, that I have made this mistake. I looked at a person's piecing and cringed. I did! I feel awful about it to this day. Maybe she has forgotten or forgiven me, but I still think about how I acted toward her piecing and regret it.

So, let's try to be nice and supportive to each other. We can do that, right? I am doing my best.

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