Sunday, October 31, 2010

Machine Quilting Lesson

Well, quilting a full size quilt is not easy! It is not finished. I will work on it more when I have more time!

It was not what I expected (understatement). I have learned a couple of things through what I have done.

1. My machine does not appear to have a needle down mode (at least I haven't found it), so that means I will not be doing free motion quilting until I figure that one out.
2. A full size quilt is really big for a small machine.
3. Straight line quilting is not too bad especially for this quilt.
4. The table I have it on is not going to work, because the faster I go the move the table vibrates.
5. It really hurts my shoulders.

I am sure there is a lot more that I learned but for now that will do.

I am going to have to make arrangements on a different table for this project, but for now priorities are sick husband and school work over quilts.


Thursday, October 28, 2010


Have you missed me? "Where have you been?" you may be asking. Well, I have been on a ride called life.

Trying to finish school, work full-time, and continual life as a wife was hard to do, but then my husband got sick.

I mean hospital stay sick. 3 separate occasions he has spent 5-14 days in the hospital. He is much better and is going home today!

In the mean time I have been getting a quilt top ready for machine quilting!

I made a machine quilting test of a scrap, and it went well enough to try a full size quilt! Not perfect, but well enought to go bigger.