Tuesday, December 28, 2010

year end activities

So, I thought I was not getting anything accomplished. Then I realized just how much I am doing (which still seems to be small).

I made some pillowcases for my niece and nephew for Christmas. (No pictures they are finished, wrapped, and in use currently!)

I made a dog bed for my puppies. They love it and so does the cat! I filled it with left over batting scraps.

I also basted this project to quilt. This is my sister’s graduation quilt. She graduated November 2007, technically, and had a ceremony May 2008. No rush to finish this, right? It is like a ray of spring during these dark winter days.

I also started the binding for my Jewelry Box quilt. You know the quilt that I machine quilted. It has been in use on my bed, with out the binding. So, I am busy.

Also, we got a white Christmas! If you live in Alabama you know it is a big deal to get the white stuff, and an event if you get it on Christmas!

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