Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Syracuse Piecing

I started piecing the Syracuse Quilt.! I wanted to make a practice block to begin with, but of course you have to make two at a time. I kind of like that. It is like getting two for one!

It is kind of like making a log cabin quilt block.

I was so worried when I cut them in quarters. I mean, what if I slip? I don't have enough of some fabric to start a block over.

I almost want to turn the final orange polka dot into an orange fabric because of the pattern: white, blue, orange, white, blue, orange. I think it would be to much orange, and I like it this way, besides as I just stated, not enough fabric to really start over. What do you think?

It will look really awesome when it is put together!!

If you are reading this in Alabama you may think this looks like an Auburn quilt. Sorry, it is not, but I am going to make an Auburn string quilt with the leftovers! Who should the luck recipient be?

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