Sunday, May 29, 2011

May Finish 2

I finished Trip's quilt.



Quilt: 43"x43"
Blocks finished: (1) 7"x7" (2) 14"x14"
Sashing finished: 2"x14" 2"x18" 2"x30" and 2"x34"
Borders finished: 4"x38"
The borders were all cut the same. They were sewn on so that each starts at the sashing and ends over another border. Like this awful doodle I made.

The center square is the quilt blocks with sashing and the outer rectangles are the borders.

I really enjoy the colors of this quilt. Of course turquoise and orange always look good together. And I love the block arrangement. The blocks have so many different looks. Sometimes they look like a wheel and other times a frame. I just really like how it turned out.

I still do not know the pattern name of the block. Sometimes differing placements of the blocks will have a different name. So, when I finally discover the name of this block, maybe the placement will have a different name. I am excited to find a true name for it, but kinda hope that my name, Trip, will stick.

I am glad to know that this quilt is going to someone who will love and enjoy it. Trip I know you will love it. Sorry that it took so long to finish it up.

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