Saturday, August 24, 2013

Lilly's Wave

As promised, Lilly's Wave quilt reveal.
We were on our way to visit family and this quilt was going with us to be delivered. It was a great day, so we stopped at a campground to eat lunch. It was a very pretty place and just right for taking pictures.
While my sister was making sandwiches, my mom and I took quilt pictures.
This was the first picture taken, and my mother really wanted me to make sure that I got the geese in picture. See how she angled the quilt toward them.

I wanted the lake in the picture and was a little disappointed that the sun was behind her, but I managed to get a decent picture. I took an art class over the summer and had to study some of the element of photography, so my brain was yelling "natural frame" while taking this picture.

What would a quilt reveal be without the back? I positioned my mom so that when she held the quilt it would have more sun on it. The colors of the quilt were much better in these pictures.

I got closer for some close up shots of the quilting and took a peek at my mom. Looks like the sun was to bright for her so she closed her eyes. She did not even know I was taking this picture, but look at that smile. I love her so much! She makes me laugh all the time.

Here is a close up of the front quilting. I really wanted to do a little more in the diamonds, but I ran out of time and really like this anyways. Sometimes more is not better.
The back looks great! I love the quilting on it. Those diamonds are just wonderful. I bought this fabric awhile ago when my LQS closed its shop. They are still selling online, but do not have a store. When I purchased this fabric I intended to use it for a backing. This was the perfect quilt trop for this fabric. It looks a little like it is a solid color, but it is covered in little dots.

The binding is the same fabric as the backing fabric, which I think looks great with this quilt.
One of the very few things that I did differently from the original quilt (why mess with perfection, right?) was to add a triangle of the sashing fabric to each side. I did this because I wanted the quilt to be wider and I could not find another stash fabric that I liked well enough to go with this stack. I had the bright idea to use more of the sashing fabric on each side.
One more thing, the sashing fabric is left over from this project. So, that means that I have come full circle with this quilt, having made the two boy quilts with the left over squares.
I really enjoyed working on this quilt, and I am so glad to have a quilt for my sweet little cousin who will be turning one in a couple of weeks. Happy birthday Lilly!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Bury the Knot

My mom, sister, and I went to see the sisters/aunts and nieces and nephews/ cousins again.
I delivered two baby quilts while we were there. One for a little girl who is almost a year-old and one due in October.
With the machine getting home just in time for me to quilt and bind the wavy quilt for he little girl (at one o'clock of the morning we left), I did not have time to bury any knots or take pictures before leaving.
So, on the way there, I finished it up and took some pictures.
Usually I drive everywhere we go, but this time my sister insisted on driving. That did not bother me one bit. So, I took the time to finish it off.

She caught me working. Look at that cute little smile.

There was only three knots to bury: the two ends of the thread on the binding and a place in the middle. So, I did not need a lot of time to finish it up, just needed to do it.
I had completely forgotten about needing to do this (must have been the late time getting in bed), but I noticed it while we were taking pictures. Then I looked through my purse and found the needle that I have in there and the scissors that I always carry (does this make me strange?) and finished it up.

I will be posting the finished quilt later this week. So, glad to have the sewing machine home and to be able to catch up on some quilts.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ahh Widdiddid

Ahh widdiddid (can't you just hear it?)
The sewing machine is back! YAY!
The title is the sound my husband makes when ever he is commenting on my sewing. He said he was so glad to hear the sound of the sewing machine and not me whining. Okay, maybe not whining, maybe.
I have sewing stuff and getting through the pile on the sewing table that is still NOT under a pile of laundry!
Very soon you will be sing some finishes and quilt tops.

Monday, August 5, 2013

No Sewing Macine Means

So, what have I been doing without my sewing machine? I shared that I cleaned the sewing room, so what else?

Deep clean the kitchen: check
Deep clean the living room:check
Deep clean the bathroom: check
Have new windows put in the house: check
Fix soft spots in the floor: check (to undo and create more cleaning: check)
Work on school work: check
Sew by hand: check
Have husband wish the sewing machine was back: check

Yup, he is happy with the cleaning and the progress around the house, but he is ready for the sewing machine to be back. I find that funny.

We scheduled the work around the house, and I knew there would be school work, but sometimes you just need to sew something. That is when the hand piecing came out.

I got out this project. I have been working on it awhile. These pieces are 2 inches finished. When ever I have some scraps left over I cut them into two and half inch squares and throw them into a bag with the rest of them.
When I get some time on my hands, I draw a sewing line on the squares.

Then, when I feel like sewing by hand, I pull out this bag of squares, grab some light squares and some dark squares, and sew them together.
That is what I have been doing while my sewing machine is in the shop waiting on a light.
I sew squares of ten by ten, so that there is one hundred squares in a block. Usually they are all the same, but when I looked at these blocks I found that there is one block that has one repeat. I think I like that there is a repeat in there. Makes me smile.
This is a long term project and I do not know when or if I will finish it. I just like the idea of taking a project where ever I go and being able on work on it. I even took this to the doctor's office.
What do you do when your sewing machine is in for maintenance?