Friday, September 26, 2014

A Green and Blue Scrap Square Baby Quilt

You knew I could not just make one, right? Well, I just had so much fun making the pink one that I had to make a blue version. Plus I had a bunch of blue and green fabrics and a baby boy quilt to make, so I sewed it up.
When I was trimming up the quilt top I cut to much off one end and I thought this piece of blue fabric added to the top made it look so lovely and gave a lot of interest.
I made them about the same time which made it easy for me to take a picture of them together. 
After taking the pictures, I ran into my friend at the grocery store (I parked right next to her and did not even realize it until we were both putting our groceries in our cars!). I handed it over and told her I need a quilt model. She was very willing and so happy to get it.

Spur-of-the-moment-quilt-pictures in a parking lot is a lot of fun.

The back was pieced from scraps from other quilts and is so pretty.
I am very sad that this barn has been torn down. I passed it every day on my way to and from work and church. I passed it one morning and when I went back after work it was completely gone. There was not even a board left. They worked fast. I'm at least glad that I got these pictures first.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pepper Sprout

My husband and I are friends with a couple whose last name is Pepper who were expecting their first child. They had a little girl that I affectionately call Pepper Sprout. You know that I just HAD to make Pepper Sprout a quilt. They have chosen the colors pink and green and have a monkey theme.

I still had about a yard and half plus scraps of monkey fabric from these two projects and knew it would be perfect.

I could not decide on a pattern, but after seeing this Crazy Mom Quilts quilt, I know the pattern that I wanted to use.

The original quilt and Crazy Mom Quilts quilt both use scraps, and I have plenty of those. So, out came the pink and green previously cut squares of pink and green squares. They went together so well. I cut squares of monkey fabric from scraps and pieced the center square.

I purchased the pink fabric and sewed it all together.

Since this was inspired by a CMQ quilt, I thought I would use her honeycomb quilting also.

I wrapped this quilt around a pack of diapers for this month early baby and gave it to the grateful parents. They love it.

I think it is rather nice also, and the baby is precious.
Edited to show the backing.