Monday, December 5, 2011

Xs and Os

This is a quilt that my mom pieced. She named it The Big Kiss because she arranged the white squares to make a circle or a big O. This is the second quilt top she has made, and she made it very quickly. She made it for a cousin for her fifty year anniversary. My mother was the maid of honor in the original wedding. She asked me to quilt it for her, so this is my current project.

I had to piece the batting. I did not have a big enough piece for the quilt. What I had needed to be ten inches wider. So I butt together another piece that was about twenty inches wide and zigzagged it together with my machine. I had never zigzagged batting together with the machine. In the past I just whip stitched it by hand. This was one hundred times better! It was completely flat and it did not take as much time, so I will definitely be doing this in the future! The entire time I was wondering what took me so long to try this.

I could not decide on a quilt pattern. So, first I tried to make stipple it but the thread kept breaking every few inches. I must be doing something wrong, so I gave up on that and got out the trusty seam ripper. Then I went back to the drawing board. I though kiss O hug X and decided to quilt a big X on the quilt.

I have quilted the X and echoed it a few times, but I did not want to quilt the entire quilt with the straight line of the X. So, I went back to the stipple in the corners of the X and the thread broke worse. I do not seem to be having luck with the stipple and this quilt.

Now I am just pondering how to finish it. I may just finish the straight lines or come up with something else. We will see.

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