Tuesday, December 28, 2010

year end activities

So, I thought I was not getting anything accomplished. Then I realized just how much I am doing (which still seems to be small).

I made some pillowcases for my niece and nephew for Christmas. (No pictures they are finished, wrapped, and in use currently!)

I made a dog bed for my puppies. They love it and so does the cat! I filled it with left over batting scraps.

I also basted this project to quilt. This is my sister’s graduation quilt. She graduated November 2007, technically, and had a ceremony May 2008. No rush to finish this, right? It is like a ray of spring during these dark winter days.

I also started the binding for my Jewelry Box quilt. You know the quilt that I machine quilted. It has been in use on my bed, with out the binding. So, I am busy.

Also, we got a white Christmas! If you live in Alabama you know it is a big deal to get the white stuff, and an event if you get it on Christmas!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Semester Over!!

This semester finally ended last Friday!! It has been the most difficult thus far. The classes were not the difficult part. It was finding the time to do the school work. I could hardly keep up with doctor visits, add college and work to the mix, and something had to give.

So, my house ended up a MESS. Thankfully, my husband was getting better and has been building his strength by cleaning! He overloads the washing machine and under loads the dishwasher, but  do I care? Nope! Things are getting clean, and he is getting better!

Monday, December 20, 2010

MHC-Wrapped In Hope List: 2011 Wrapped in Hope List

So, I decided to take on a quilting project! MHC-Wrapped In Hope List: 2011 Wrapped in Hope List: "'Wrapped in Hope' is a quilt-giving program run by Margaret's Hope Chest. MHC matches children who have at least one parent in prison ..." and I am making a quilt for a young man on that list!!

His birthday is the same as my wedding aniversary! Well, a couple of years off.

He likes basketball and Syracuse. So, I went searching for Syracuse fabric and quilts. What luck, I found zero Syracuse fabric, and about four quilts.

Here are the ones I found:





Yes, two of those are from zanyquilter, and yes, they are great! I asked her for some pointers, and she was super nice! Check her out. She is very talented and funny!

Back to the Scyracuse quilt.

I am unsure what pattern to use. I thought about a snowball with Syracuse fabric as the snowball, or a panel of Syracuse fabric with borders, but with zero luck with Syracuse fabric, those ideas are scratched.

This is going to be a challenge!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

machine quilting update.

Well over Thanksgiving instead of working on school work (I couldn't concentrate anyway) I quilted the Jewelry Box quilt (well almost). I would have it finished now if it were not for coming back to reality on the school work and my husband going back into the hospital.
It is not the best looking thing, but it is my first machine quilting. I should have started small, but why not finish something that I will use on my own bed instead. Besides this quilt needed to be finished. I have had this top for about 10 years so about time right!
Pictures soon.