Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pink Lemonade Flimsies

So, I have had both of these finished for about a week. I just hadn't found the best time to photograph them. I wanted to take a picture of them with a winter look. If you know anything about the South you know that we get a storm that usually lasts for five minutes. Well that is about what happened. We had an ice storm, then another, then we missed snow by a county. By the time I could get to my camera AND the flimsies the everything melted!
This morning I woke up to find SNOW melting! I did not even know it was supposed to snow. I grabbed my camera and these beauties and it was go time. That would result in poor pictures. Perhaps when they are finished there will be much better pictures.

The fabrics and the patterns are the same, but there is a subtle difference between the two quilts. The difference is how many rows repeat. One quilt repeats every two while the other repeats every three rows. Hopefully that makes sense.

They are very bright and colorful.

Just the perfect colors for a couple of girls born in the hot summer.

The biggest differences between these two quilts will be the difference in backing. One will have the monkey fabric for the back and most likely the binding, while other should have the rest of the light pink, orange, green, and dark pink. We will see how much fabric I have left.

I am excited to have these finished and given to the girls, hopefully before they out grow them. Maybe there will be another snow when I finish them and then I can get more snowy bad pictures. Probably no more snow though, which is too bad. Snow is the best part of winter.