Friday, May 13, 2011


There was a short unwanted pause in quilting the Tweety quilt! I did not want to stop, but I did not have a water soluble pen that worked! I got out my pen and it worked, a little, at first, then stopped for good. NOOOO! I got out my caulk marker and it worked for the parts I needed, at first. I had white caulk in it and was just marking on green.

I decided that after stitching in the ditch along the sashing I would quilt the rest in a diagonal pattern similar to this quilt. I tried to do something similar to the way she quilted, but I did not succeed. So, I gave up and decided to just mark it.

After stitching in the ditch, trying to use a card stock guide, and then deciding to mark it, I found that I needed to mark on the white and blue sections. I tried to mark the quilt with white caulk (using a tool I have that has powder caulk in it that comes out in a wheel) which did not work. Out of desperation I removed the white caulk and placed blue in it. It kinda worked, kinda. The caulk is not made to last, which is good, it was blending into the blue (I cannot find where I put it or I would have a name, brand, and a picture), and my quilting lines were not straight. After trying both ways and having wavy lines (that I refuse to remove, they are not that bad!), I decided to stop for a little while.

Tuesday I got a water soluble pen, and got to marking! The quilt has now been fully marked and is almost finished! When it is finished I will post pictures.

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