Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pieces of Syracuse

I am making progress on the Syracuse quilt.
I arranged my fabric in several different ways, making several changes along the way.

Beginning placement

Without the orange polka dot fabric, I began to arrange the fabrics, imagining some of the white fabric to be orange polka dot.

I liked this arrangement and thought I would go with it, but things always change.


After I realized that I did not have enough fabric for some of the larger strips, I had to rearrange again.

Final decision

And again. This time I was set. Perfect amount of fabric, and I liked the arrangement.

 Finally with the decision on fabric placement made, I began cutting them into squares and strips!

Squares and strips cut and ready for the next step

Soon I will be sewing blocks and then the quilt together! I am really beginning to like the look of this quilt.
*PS If you saw some of this post earlier this week I apologize. It was supposed to be a draft. I guess I accidentally posted it. 

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