Monday, June 24, 2013

Leftover/Precut Squares Into Quilt Tops

I had several squares left from this quilt. It has been sometime since I cut them...
Well, I am behind on making some baby quilts for some loved ones, so I was going through my stash and found the stack of them.

I started laying them out and there was enough to make these two quilts without cutting more or having any left over.

These quilts are not very big, currently 30"x 36", but that is okay; I have made smaller. I know they will be loved no matter the size.
I am preparing to baste these and start quilting.
After how fast these two tops came together, I understand why so many love precuts. This was fun, fast, and fabulous!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Blue Strips

Here it is! Blue Strips is finished. 
I know you were wondering what I was doing with this.
It became this!
This is right before adding the binding.
You knew there would be a picture of my wonderful kitchen floor in here somewhere.
Most of the strips are the same width or very close. I did not do that intentionally. I wanted there to be some big pieces and some little pieces. I just did not think about how "little" can be relative. Oh well, I still love how it turned out.
Originally there was only blue in the quilt, but it need a resting place. I had the white strips already cut, so they were added. I think they look perfect in this quilt. They make the quilt pop!
 I did not have a glorious quilt model to help me with the pictures, but that is OK. These are still some great pictures.

The backing is a great print. I prefer to use a print of some sort that will hide any imperfects. You know I have my share of those. This print hide them very well.

I used the wavy quilting pattern on this. I really like the wave because it is easy and quick plus it looks impressive.
Here is that lovely backing fabric and some of the binding. I love this quilt and I hope the recipient loves it too.
measurement: 51"x 40"