Monday, December 20, 2010

MHC-Wrapped In Hope List: 2011 Wrapped in Hope List

So, I decided to take on a quilting project! MHC-Wrapped In Hope List: 2011 Wrapped in Hope List: "'Wrapped in Hope' is a quilt-giving program run by Margaret's Hope Chest. MHC matches children who have at least one parent in prison ..." and I am making a quilt for a young man on that list!!

His birthday is the same as my wedding aniversary! Well, a couple of years off.

He likes basketball and Syracuse. So, I went searching for Syracuse fabric and quilts. What luck, I found zero Syracuse fabric, and about four quilts.

Here are the ones I found:

Yes, two of those are from zanyquilter, and yes, they are great! I asked her for some pointers, and she was super nice! Check her out. She is very talented and funny!

Back to the Scyracuse quilt.

I am unsure what pattern to use. I thought about a snowball with Syracuse fabric as the snowball, or a panel of Syracuse fabric with borders, but with zero luck with Syracuse fabric, those ideas are scratched.

This is going to be a challenge!

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