Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scraps To Quilt-As-You-Go

A few months ago, I became inspired by this post by A Few Scraps.
She took her left over two inch or so strips of batting, that were too small to piece together into Frankenstein batting for quilts, and made a little placemat/ table top cover.
Usually I save these pieces of batting to use as stuffing for pillows and such, but I thought this was a great idea!
So, I took the scraps from Sophia and Lilly's quilts and put them together to make this scrap quilt-as-you-go quilt panel.
I took all of the scrappy triangles and placed them together on the angle so that once sewn they would be rectangles. I know I am a genius!
This will be an ongoing quilt. I plan on taking many other scraps and sewing them to left over batting to make a very interesting quilt.

This was the layout and beginning of the quilting/sewing project.

Finished, for now, result.

The back

 I really like how the angle seem to go in random ways and how some of the points and ends seem cut off. I even not so secretly hope that when this is sewn together that they will still be cut off. It is freeing to not worry about the points.
I plan to straighten the edges of this piece, which will remove the dog ears, but for now I will see if I can add any more fabric to the rest of the batting.

I think I might even use my leftover binding strips to piece the panels together.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Saving Scraps

I know everyone has scraps and everyone has a different way to store them.
For me, I store some in Mason jars. I have them beside my cutting mat for easy use.
I put salvages, triangles cut from binding, leftover/unused binding strips, and other unused strips in corresponding Mason jars for future possible use.
I really don't have any plans for most of them, but maybe one day. For inspiration, I have seen some beautiful salvage quilts, there is a great idea in Sunday Morning Quilts for left over binding triangles, and there are so many possibilities for strips.
Right now they make pretty decoration in the sewing room.