Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Mini Skirt Tutu

My sister is going to Dragon*Con and asked me to make a skirt for her. She showed me a drawing of what she wanted. I thought it looked like a mini skirt with tulle. She thought I was making her a tutu. Instead she got the mini-skirt tutu.
Here she is in her costume. A preview to the final costume.The skirt was well received.
Because she thought it was a tutu, she has a pair of shorts on under that, thankfully. She is the adventurous one in our family or maybe I am just getting old.

Here is the skirt freshly made. I was very happy how it turned out and with the material for the skirt. I got it at Walmart and may go back and get some more of it. I was so soft and stretched just right. I know because I tried it on. Maybe not so old after all.
By the way, this is post 100. Wow!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

T-shirt Memory Quilt

I finished the T-shirt quilt! I had so much fun piecing and machine quilting it.

On the border pieces I tried to change the quilting from each block and to do something special (I did not always succeed; some are the same quilting pattern). These blocks did not have a print on them, so the quilting was a little more noticeable and there was more room to be creative. Let the creative juice/ fun flow!
Does anyone else see the cat in the picture? He was such a ham!

Then this guy had to come over to see what all the excitement was about. See how the cat is all like "Nothing to see here!"

Maybe you can see the back. I just love how the thread pops! So much fun!

With all of the Alabama T-shirts, I felt that an Alabama themed binding was in order. It looks really good on this quilt!

I want to thank my mother-in-law for being my wonderful quilt model. She did a great job. Even when I was like "One more. One more. Just one more...." I think we will have to do this again. She is that good.

This quilt measured 79"x64" not a bad size at all.
Other posts are here, here, here, here, and here. Wow, I did not realize how many times I have blogged about this quilt!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Vintage Sheets

I won this stack of fat quarter vintage bedsheets.

I rarely win anything, but I won this. I was so super excited to win, and so happy when I got the package in the mail.

Look, I got a smily face!

I pulled it out of the package, and it just looks so good.
It even smells good. I wish you could send smells through the internet.

I think I will make this quilt with the bundle. Don't you think it will look nice?
I got this in mid-February, but I am so slow in doing anything. This year has been one of the hardest to do much of anything.

Monday, August 6, 2012

T-shirt quilt update

The new tactic for quilting the T-shirt quilt is going MUCH better!

Just look as some of the quilting. This is free motion quilting. I just embraced and went with it. There is some straight line quilting, mostly to outline the blocks.

I was not enjoying free motion quilting when I started. I was pushing the pedal to the floor and trying to keep up with my hands.Then I read somewhere that there is no need to hit the pedal at full speed. We are not in a race. Sewing machines, much like a cars, have different speeds that we control through the pedal.

I had not thought about that, and it changed how I was sewing. 

"You are here" in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Echo quilting and a little water like quilting.

Reminds me of water flowing.

I don't know how this happened. I just started sewing and my hands just moved to create it. I think it is very cute.

My husband said this looks like electric guitars. Which is what I thought. It is the same as the water above, just positioned differently.

Scallops/ shells

back of the scallops/ shells

This is what the back looks like. I would not have chosen white for the back, but I am very fond of it. It does show my mistakes, but it also shows the designs. Very dramatic.

This quilt is not far from being finished. Just a little more quilting, burying the rest of the threads, and the binding. I hope to have this finished in the next two weeks. I better get busy.