Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sophia Swirl Quilt, Part 2 Photo Dump

Well, the quilt has been delivered and well received. I am glad that they enjoy it!

We had a couple of photo shoots with this quilt and here are the results. Enjoy!

The Natural Bridge in Sewanee, TN.

I said show he the back. She included her back. Silly sister!

Then the front!


My mom and sister.

She used a clip to make a cape. How old is she again?

Extra legs on this quilt once it got to the top of the bridge.

Looking from Sewanee, TN. At the start of the Perimeter Walking Trail.


Inmates Sewing

I found this interesting story about inmates sewing. They are not making quilts but are mare their own mattresses. I thing that is a great idea.

It is apparently saving the county/ state a good amount of money and teaching the inmates a trade when they leave.

Maybe they could make their own quilts to sleep under as well.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sophia's Swirly Wave Quilt, Part 1

I have had this quilt finished for more than a week now. As soon as I finished it the sun hid behind some clouds.

Finally the sun peeked out for the afternoon before hiding again. It was just enough time to take a couple of pictures.

Then I took a bunch more pictures and left my camera in my sister's car.
So, I am going to post this anyway then show more pictures and tell more about it later.
What I will say is that I LOVE this quilt.

Finished at 50 1/2"x 19 1/2"
How to make the quilt