Friday, November 18, 2011

T-Shirt quilt finish

T-Shirt quilt

I finally finished the last little touches of the t-shirt quilt. I know that I said that I had it finished. I did have it finished. It was quilted with the binding, but it did not have a label or a sleeve. This quilt will be hung in an office and it was requested to have a sleeve. With the business of student teaching, I put this quilt on the back burner. This week I had some time and felt productive, so I finished and put both the sleeve and label on the quilt.

I delivered this quilt yesterday and it felt so nice to be able to have it both finished and delivered. The best part is that it is for a great friend who I know will treasure it.

There is a story behind this quilt. My friend is the Director of Wesley Fellowship at my university. She has been the Director of Wesley Fellowship for over ten years. She has spent about six years at my university and another five or so divided between a college and another university. These T-shirts are from her collection over her time as director. What a great quilt to place in her office.

I have a few of these shirts and plan on making a T-shirt quilt for myself after graduation from all of my college/university T-shirts, and with the idea that I may continue, either in graduate school or for another certification, that may be awhile.

So, yesterday before I delivered this quilt I HAD to take a picture. I have loaned my camera to my sister and, although I have been promised pictures, I had to make sure that I had one. To get a good picture, I went to my university and took a picture in the room that we hold our meeting(they have a coffee shop there). I used my phone, which does not give the best pictures. I was alone and needed someone to hold the quilt. I went right up to the counter of the coffee shop and asked the girl there to help. She looked a little uncertain, but I told her that I was not taking a picture of her that she would be behind the quilt. She had already agreed and seemed to have come to this conclusion on her own but also relieved. So, here is a big thank you to the coffee girl!

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size 56"x70"
machine and hand quilted

*edited to say this: This is the first time that I have linked one of my blogs to any other blog. After looking at a few other links I noticed that they mentioned the link. So, here you go: This post is linked to Crazy Mom Quilts Finish it up Friday 4. Amanda Jean's blog Crazy Mom Quilts is the first blog that I started following and is the reason that I started my blog. Her blog is very informative, funny, inspirational, and down-to-Earth. Check her blog out sometime.

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Chris said...

Very nice! I'm sure they'll love it.