Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mack Details

Welcome to the world Mack! You are going to have a great time!

To welcome Mack, I have a wrap-up of his bedding.

I completely forgot to measure this quilt! Oh well. Sometimes in our excitement to give we just forget.

A few things about this quilt: I used the squares I cut from the sheet fabrics to make this quilt. I needed a few more fabrics to fill it out so I added the white fabric and the corner red squares.

I used this tutorial to make the sheets.

And this tutorial to make the bumpers.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Mack's Quilt

I told you I was still quilting and making stuff.

This is Mack's quilt (with his beautiful mother).

His sheets and bumpers.

And all three together.

I also made a blanket for him, but I do not have any pictures of that.

This baby is scheduled to be here in just a week! Can't wait to meet you Mack!
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*Credit to Julie Barnett for the last two pictures.