Monday, November 28, 2011

Green Strip

I have finished this quilt as a gift for a certain person who has been a great help during my student teaching. Don't you think that a classroom make the perfect backdrop for this kind of gift.

I asked both of her children, at different times, what her favorite color was. Both told me that it was green. I have been wanting to make a strip quilt ever since I saw this post.

Maybe you can see them since they almost blend into the floor!

I rearranged and took out a few strips that would make this quilt too long and sewed them all together. (I think the previous picture is after I took out the few extra strips. I am reserving them for a quilt for my mom.) This is a lap quilt meant to be snuggled under while reading. So it is not meant to be big and long. Don't you just love the leaves? I knew that I had to get them then or they would be gone. Now my trees are bare.

Then I brought it back to the kitchen floor for basting.

I finished binding this over the Thanksgiving holiday. I thought that the dark green would be perfect.

The back is pieced. I prefer a patterned back to a quilt and this fabric was great, but I did not have enough. I had the dark green, but I was quilting in white and wanted to make sure there was enough for the binding. I had enough of this white left, so into the mix it went. I really like how it turned out. I will be making more quilts like this, but perhaps with a bigger color palette.

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