Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scraps To Quilt-As-You-Go

A few months ago, I became inspired by this post by A Few Scraps.
She took her left over two inch or so strips of batting, that were too small to piece together into Frankenstein batting for quilts, and made a little placemat/ table top cover.
Usually I save these pieces of batting to use as stuffing for pillows and such, but I thought this was a great idea!
So, I took the scraps from Sophia and Lilly's quilts and put them together to make this scrap quilt-as-you-go quilt panel.
I took all of the scrappy triangles and placed them together on the angle so that once sewn they would be rectangles. I know I am a genius!
This will be an ongoing quilt. I plan on taking many other scraps and sewing them to left over batting to make a very interesting quilt.

This was the layout and beginning of the quilting/sewing project.

Finished, for now, result.

The back

 I really like how the angle seem to go in random ways and how some of the points and ends seem cut off. I even not so secretly hope that when this is sewn together that they will still be cut off. It is freeing to not worry about the points.
I plan to straighten the edges of this piece, which will remove the dog ears, but for now I will see if I can add any more fabric to the rest of the batting.

I think I might even use my leftover binding strips to piece the panels together.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Saving Scraps

I know everyone has scraps and everyone has a different way to store them.
For me, I store some in Mason jars. I have them beside my cutting mat for easy use.
I put salvages, triangles cut from binding, leftover/unused binding strips, and other unused strips in corresponding Mason jars for future possible use.
I really don't have any plans for most of them, but maybe one day. For inspiration, I have seen some beautiful salvage quilts, there is a great idea in Sunday Morning Quilts for left over binding triangles, and there are so many possibilities for strips.
Right now they make pretty decoration in the sewing room.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sophia Swirl Quilt, Part 2 Photo Dump

Well, the quilt has been delivered and well received. I am glad that they enjoy it!

We had a couple of photo shoots with this quilt and here are the results. Enjoy!

The Natural Bridge in Sewanee, TN.

I said show he the back. She included her back. Silly sister!

Then the front!


My mom and sister.

She used a clip to make a cape. How old is she again?

Extra legs on this quilt once it got to the top of the bridge.

Looking from Sewanee, TN. At the start of the Perimeter Walking Trail.


Inmates Sewing

I found this interesting story about inmates sewing. They are not making quilts but are mare their own mattresses. I thing that is a great idea.

It is apparently saving the county/ state a good amount of money and teaching the inmates a trade when they leave.

Maybe they could make their own quilts to sleep under as well.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sophia's Swirly Wave Quilt, Part 1

I have had this quilt finished for more than a week now. As soon as I finished it the sun hid behind some clouds.

Finally the sun peeked out for the afternoon before hiding again. It was just enough time to take a couple of pictures.

Then I took a bunch more pictures and left my camera in my sister's car.
So, I am going to post this anyway then show more pictures and tell more about it later.
What I will say is that I LOVE this quilt.

Finished at 50 1/2"x 19 1/2"
How to make the quilt

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Swirl in the Waves

I had great BIG plans to quilt the wave quilt, but I think they were too big for my current FMQ skills. Of course we all get better as we go and trying something new stretches your knowledge, but this was just not coming together the way that I pictured in my mind.

So, I looked around at other quilts and saw a lot of beautiful quilts, but none that had the quilting, or at least the quilting level that I wanted to try, on this quilt. So, since I have been doing spirals lately I decided that a wave quilt could use some of them also.

It is still not the awesome-amazing quilting that I pictured in my mind, but I am really loving these swirls.
I am not far from having this quilt finished. I will do some thread shopping this weekend to get two colors to finish the quilting. Then it is binding, washing, and gifting.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Slash Sash and Basting a Wave

I finished cutting all of the squares for the Batik Slash quilt and started piecing the blocks.

I started cutting the squares way back when I started this quilt and then pieced and cut the rest of them together recently. I realize, now that I am over half way through piecing the blocks, that I cut them differently or perhaps it is the change in sewing machines sewing a different quarter inch. Either way I am not sure how I did it, but the two stacks of squares are different sizes. Which means that my blocks are different sizes.

I have not decided exactly how I will fix this, but I may put borders around the smaller ones to build them up to size. It will have to be small borders or maybe just on two sides. It will not be the design I was hoping for, but I think it will still be pretty.

I have also basted and started quilting the newest wave quilt.

I am very excited to quilt it. I hope to put circles or some pebbles in the sashing and perhaps the waves.

Currently, I am quilting straight line stich-in-the-ditch that echoes the waves, but I plan to start some FMQ soon.


Friday, February 14, 2014

Turtles and Waves

All this talk of snow, waves, and snow days made me want to finish the turtle wall hanging.

All I had left was to quilt the middle turtle, bury knots, and put a binding on it.
So, for the third snow day, I finished it up.
First I took a picture of the wave quilt in the morning with the beautiful blue sky.

The wind wasn't cooperating, and my husband was semi-complaining about the wind and the cold. So, I took another of the top on the snowy ground.
I have big plans to quilt this. I hope they work out.

Then I got to work on the turtle wall hanging.
I used a single fold binding for this quilt, since it is for decoration only. I have never used a single fold binding before, but it is quite easy and nice for a project like this. I looked around before I started and found that many cut a 1 1/2 inch binding. I cut it at 1 3/4 inches, because I was going to put it on by machine.
I buried a few knots around the turtle before quilting it so that the thread would not get in the way and then quilted the final few stiches.
Then I set to work burying the rest of the knots. It really did not take all that long, must be because it is kind of small.
Once I had it finished, I rushed outside to take pictures in the snow before it melted away.
It turned out very well, and I am very happy with it.

I really like the back. All of the thread meanderings look interesting.

I have not put a sleeve on it yet, but I will do that soon. Then it will be hung in its place of honor.
measurements: 17 /34"x 52"

Thursday, February 13, 2014

New Wave

Schools are cancelled for another day, and I got my wave quilt top finished!
School was cancelled the first day because of the icy roads that morning which dried out by evening and yesterday it was cancelled with the thought that it would be bad again in the morning. It just rained until around one when the rain turned into sleet, sleet/snow mix, then snow.
With all of the snow and the roads being impassable school was cancelled again today.

Just before the roads got bad, I was able to take a few pictures on location.

My wonderful husband  was my quilt model. He kept asking if I had gotten my pictures because he wanted to get back in the car and get home before it got worse.

We made it home just as the roads got very bad.

Snow Day Wave

What to do during a snow day when schools are closed and you are snowed in? You start a new quilt.
I could not help myself. This stack of fabric was calling me to cut into it.
I planned to just leave the fabric ready once I got all of the pieces cut but,...

...who can resist sewing fabric that looks this pretty?

These are bright fabrics that just call out when it is grey winter weather.

These are lovely!
When I made this quilt the last time, I had a little trouble with lining up the strips so that there was enough fabric on each side before I cut then down. This time I cut them bigger. When I cut the strips the width of the fabric, I cut that into four pieces instead of measuring them perfectly. I know they will work great because they are a good inch or so bigger than needed. Since I will be cutting these to size once sewn I just cut them roughly.

When cutting the white border/background fabrics I cut the strips first. When I started to cut the outside background trapezoids, I did not have enough fabric to cut twelve at the full size. So, I cut them a little different so that I could get twelve more. I would have been able to cut ten out of the strip that I had and then cut two more out of the last bit of fabric, but I would have wasted some fabric. I suggest cutting the main fabrics first, then the cutting the number of outside background fabric, then the strips.
If you want to make this quilt, the instructions are here.