Thursday, October 30, 2014

Tammy's Strip Quilt

I decided to make a quilt for a friend as a thank you.
She is super sweet and helps so many people. It seems that she does not get a lot of thanks for all of the things that she does for people and me.
I asked what colors are in her living room and she told me red, brown, green, and tans.
I hope these fabrics work well.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Is This a 2? I Think So!

After trying out paper piecing (and not really enjoying it) to make a two, I was disappointed to find that it looked more like a Z than a 2.

I went in search of a better way to make a numbers (since I was making 2016) and found a wonderful pieced pattern for numbers, letters, and punctuation from Moda! Seriously, I enjoyed piecing this number much better!

And it looks like a two! The measurements were for an 8"x11.5". I did not want these to be that big, so I cut the measurements in half. it did not work the way I expected. The size was a little bit different from what I expected.

So, I made the one the same way, and it was a good inch longer than the two.

I started thinking about how this being off would affect the six and the zero. I figured that the width would not matter since they were going to be side by side. I could cut the bottom off of the one to make it work, but that would not work for the six and the zero.

When I looked at the six it was separated into five sections from the top to the bottom just like the two, so it should work by making it the same as the two.

I held my breath and made the six. It worked! They were the same height!

Then for the zero. I figured I could trim the middle section to match the middle section (in the same area) of the two and six and make it work. Sure enough it worked also. All of the pieces are about four inches high and different widths. Which is perfect!

I am going to trim some of the white on the side of the one so that it looks more like a date rather than some numbers crammed together.

Now to trim the one, place a slim piece of white fabric between the two and one, and sew this bad boy together.

The moral of this story is: don't get discouraged and make it do.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Go Black and Gold!

I ordered a bunch of black, old gold, white, and grey fabrics for the graduation quilt.
I really did not like the grey fabrics in the quilt, and I did not like the fabric for the back. It just was not what I thought it would look like. It had grey in it. I thought it was a lot darker than lite grey. So, I will be looking for a different backing.

Here is the first group put together. We might have a quilt soon; if I can get the number together.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Paper Piecing 2 or Z?

I am making a quilt for a friend in her son's high school colors (black and gold) and I am putting his graduating year (2016) in the quilt.
I went looking for a way to make numbers. I found this paper piecing instructions for numbers and letters. I printed out the two, zero, one, and six and decided to start at the beginning: the two.

It was a struggle. I have never worked with paper piecing (I might not again after the headache I had with this) and I just could not figure it out!

Finally, after two previous starts, I finished the two...

Is it just me or does it look like a Z?
I think I will look for a different way to make a two. One without paper piecing! It is a good thing I have a nephew with a Z name. I see a Crazy Mom Quilts pillow in his future. :)

Friday, September 26, 2014

A Green and Blue Scrap Square Baby Quilt

You knew I could not just make one, right? Well, I just had so much fun making the pink one that I had to make a blue version. Plus I had a bunch of blue and green fabrics and a baby boy quilt to make, so I sewed it up.
When I was trimming up the quilt top I cut to much off one end and I thought this piece of blue fabric added to the top made it look so lovely and gave a lot of interest.
I made them about the same time which made it easy for me to take a picture of them together. 
After taking the pictures, I ran into my friend at the grocery store (I parked right next to her and did not even realize it until we were both putting our groceries in our cars!). I handed it over and told her I need a quilt model. She was very willing and so happy to get it.

Spur-of-the-moment-quilt-pictures in a parking lot is a lot of fun.

The back was pieced from scraps from other quilts and is so pretty.
I am very sad that this barn has been torn down. I passed it every day on my way to and from work and church. I passed it one morning and when I went back after work it was completely gone. There was not even a board left. They worked fast. I'm at least glad that I got these pictures first.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Pepper Sprout

My husband and I are friends with a couple whose last name is Pepper who were expecting their first child. They had a little girl that I affectionately call Pepper Sprout. You know that I just HAD to make Pepper Sprout a quilt. They have chosen the colors pink and green and have a monkey theme.

I still had about a yard and half plus scraps of monkey fabric from these two projects and knew it would be perfect.

I could not decide on a pattern, but after seeing this Crazy Mom Quilts quilt, I know the pattern that I wanted to use.

The original quilt and Crazy Mom Quilts quilt both use scraps, and I have plenty of those. So, out came the pink and green previously cut squares of pink and green squares. They went together so well. I cut squares of monkey fabric from scraps and pieced the center square.

I purchased the pink fabric and sewed it all together.

Since this was inspired by a CMQ quilt, I thought I would use her honeycomb quilting also.

I wrapped this quilt around a pack of diapers for this month early baby and gave it to the grateful parents. They love it.

I think it is rather nice also, and the baby is precious.
Edited to show the backing.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scraps To Quilt-As-You-Go

A few months ago, I became inspired by this post by A Few Scraps.
She took her left over two inch or so strips of batting, that were too small to piece together into Frankenstein batting for quilts, and made a little placemat/ table top cover.
Usually I save these pieces of batting to use as stuffing for pillows and such, but I thought this was a great idea!
So, I took the scraps from Sophia and Lilly's quilts and put them together to make this scrap quilt-as-you-go quilt panel.
I took all of the scrappy triangles and placed them together on the angle so that once sewn they would be rectangles. I know I am a genius!
This will be an ongoing quilt. I plan on taking many other scraps and sewing them to left over batting to make a very interesting quilt.

This was the layout and beginning of the quilting/sewing project.

Finished, for now, result.

The back

 I really like how the angle seem to go in random ways and how some of the points and ends seem cut off. I even not so secretly hope that when this is sewn together that they will still be cut off. It is freeing to not worry about the points.
I plan to straighten the edges of this piece, which will remove the dog ears, but for now I will see if I can add any more fabric to the rest of the batting.

I think I might even use my leftover binding strips to piece the panels together.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Saving Scraps

I know everyone has scraps and everyone has a different way to store them.
For me, I store some in Mason jars. I have them beside my cutting mat for easy use.
I put salvages, triangles cut from binding, leftover/unused binding strips, and other unused strips in corresponding Mason jars for future possible use.
I really don't have any plans for most of them, but maybe one day. For inspiration, I have seen some beautiful salvage quilts, there is a great idea in Sunday Morning Quilts for left over binding triangles, and there are so many possibilities for strips.
Right now they make pretty decoration in the sewing room.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sophia Swirl Quilt, Part 2 Photo Dump

Well, the quilt has been delivered and well received. I am glad that they enjoy it!

We had a couple of photo shoots with this quilt and here are the results. Enjoy!

The Natural Bridge in Sewanee, TN.

I said show he the back. She included her back. Silly sister!

Then the front!


My mom and sister.

She used a clip to make a cape. How old is she again?

Extra legs on this quilt once it got to the top of the bridge.

Looking from Sewanee, TN. At the start of the Perimeter Walking Trail.


Inmates Sewing

I found this interesting story about inmates sewing. They are not making quilts but are mare their own mattresses. I thing that is a great idea.

It is apparently saving the county/ state a good amount of money and teaching the inmates a trade when they leave.

Maybe they could make their own quilts to sleep under as well.