Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Oh Machine How I Love Thee!

I am back in the world of sewing machines. Although I LOVE hand quilting, I have learned the merit of the machine! Why have I not come around to this until now? I guess we all progress to something different at some point. Then we wonder why we did not want to do this. As I have said before I do not think I will stop hand quilting, but I will definitely be doing a lot more machine quilting. I still do not know how to get my needle to stay down, but I am not worried about it right now. I will progress there eventually, but for now I am enjoying the straight lines. I need to start somewhere.

I started the Batik quilt and a T-shirt quilt, but I am behind schedule. That is OK though, as long as I get them finished before August I will be happy. I am going to add some baby quilts to the list too. Oh how I love having a lot of quilts to work on and being behind, but I am quilting with a machine now so I can catch up!

Also, I really want a serger, because I want to make more bandanna pants, only better, and I want to make baby sheets that look professional! Off to Craig's list now.

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