Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Five Finishes in December

I have mentioned three quilts that I have been working on this month, but there are two that I have not mentioned.

I have been so busy making and finishing all of these quilts that I have not had time to take pictures and write posts. One I make so quickly that I did not have time to take pictures. I only took two pictures of the blocks ready to be sewn together.

Four of these five quilts were Christmas presents and needed to be finished quickly. I love giving handmade things for presents.

I will be going into detail about all five finishes in the next few days, but  I wanted to record these finishes before the end of December and the end of 2013.

I am looking forward to 2014 and have hopes for a teaching job, to finally start a family, and the many quilts that are waiting to be made.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas For Mom

I decided to make my mom a lap quilt for Christmas and this shed looked like the best place for a picture of the finished top.
This August when I was waiting for my machine to be fixed I cleaned my sewing room and put projects in order to make, I found the stack of stripes and fabric left from this project. I remember that I saved the rest to make my mom a quilt, so I put it in the stack. When I started pulling the quilt tops to quilt for my friend, I found this stack ready to get started. So, I pulled some of my other green scraps out and put a few in to complete a small lap quilt. I think the fabric additions really make this quilt pop!
I know my mom is going to love it! I have not ever made her a quilt (I am I shock also), and green is her favorite color. This top whipped up fast and I should have it quilted fast also. I still have enough fabric for the back and binding. All I have to do is get some batting and start quilting.
Christmas will be cozy!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Quilting Challenge

A friend of mine asked me to quilt a stack of quilt tops for her. These quilt tops were made by her aunt who had passed away some time ago. I told her that I would put them in the stack of projects and I though I would begin with this one.
I think it is beautiful and the picture does NOT do it justice.
 I was not sure how I wanted to quilt this. It is made out of perhaps two different fabrics that are those pre-quilted fabrics that do not have a back. Side note: I do not know what this kind of fabric is called. If you know feel free to educate me. She took this fabric and pieced it back together to make a very interesting quilt. Being made from this fabric, it is very bulky. I did not want it to have a bunch of ridges in the quilt where the seams were when quilted, so I used a gifted, high-loft batting. I think was a good choice.

I have it basted and plan to stich-in-the-ditch down the long seams. Let's get to quilting.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Work During TV

Guess what I finally finished thanks to the Berninja?
Yeah, this quilt is finally quilted!
Now while watching TV and instead of removing the stiches, I am burying these knots.
Soon I should have a finished quilt to show you!