Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 quilty goals: February update

February has been a great month. As of the time of posting this, I have finished two quilts in the month of February. Yes, one just needed a binding, and it was not listed in the goals; however, I finished it! I finished a t-shirt quilt which I will post on Monday, I finished the Batik Slash Sash quilt top ahead of schedule, and quilted one of my friend's tops which is now waiting on a facing.

Yes, I am still way busy, but when it snows or there is an ice storm in Alabama we sort of close everything down. So, I have been home several days and my busy schedule has been placed on hold. What is a quilter behind on her quilting goals to do when snowed in? You guessed it: quilt!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

First Finish of 2015: Star Wars Z

First finish of 2015! Although I really think it should be the last of 2014. If I had everything except the binding on it before 2015 arrived should I say it made in 2014 or 2015? I guess it doesn't matter because it is finished and I am just now talking about it.

Remember when I made that 2 and it looked more like a Z?

Well, I have a nephew with a Z name who LOVES Star Wars.
So, I used the Z in a Star Wars themed quilt that I made for him. Although at first I was going to make a huge pillow for him, his mom suggested I make a quilt instead.
I was making this for him for Christmas. We were going to celebrate the Saturday after Christmas this year, and I had everything but the binding on it when we I found that this part of my family had to go out of state directly after Christmas; the day before we were going to celebrate. It was kind of sudden...

They said that they would not be able to be back until around May, so I just did not finish it.
However, since I am putting the binding on the T-shirt Quilt that I am finishing, I thought I would put the already made binding on this one also.

It is one of my favorite quick quilts: a strip quilt, and it is quilted with my favorite wavy quilting.
It is the perfect kind of Star Wars overload and is just great. I know that he is going to love this!
This is a lap quilt which is the best size for a child and easy to take on the go.
Measurements: 40.5"x 50"