Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Teacher in Progress

I am a college student, and I am one class away from being able to intern. I just wanted to let you know that I am not gone. I am just working two jobs, being a devoted wife to a healing husband, and finishing up school. So, if I am not updating every week, it is not because I do not love you. I simply am trying to get everything together outside of cyberspace.

I would like to update everyone on the Syracuse quilt. It is still in progress but not very far from being completed. Also, I have added another quilt due the same day! This quilt is a Disney/ Pixar's Cars quilt. Super excited about this quilt! I already have the fabric and a pattern in mind. It will not be elaborate since it is for a four year old. I plan on finishing the Syracuse quilt top first before starting on it.

I am really worried about the quilting. I am afraid I will not get either finished on time. I may get outside help. This will be a first for me. If anyone wants the quilting job let me know. We may work something out.

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