Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Batik Slash Finish

This quilt is finished! Another quilt that has been waiting to be finished for far to long.

My sister and I had a lot of fun photographing this quilt, and who wouldn't? This quilt is so nice. I really love it!

I had a hard time deciding how to quilt this. With all of the blocks not being the same size, I felt a little limited on how to quilt it. I did not want to stitch-in-the-ditch with ditches that did not line up. I did not want to do any straight line quilting either because of the same reasons. In the end I decided to make "petals" much like I did with Serenity's quilt. I cannot remember which blog I read that showed how to do this. When I do I will update with the link.

I decided that it needed another quilting line and quilted down the middle of these "petals" for more stability and looks. Also, here is a close look at the backing and binding fabric. It is a bright batik that I thought matched the brightness of the quilt. I could not decide on a fabric with so many batiks to choose from.

This quilt will sneak up on you!

It's getting closer!

Almost on top of you!

BOOM! It got you!
I warned you. ;) My sister is goofy.

A full shot of the back.
Although this quilt was originally going to be a gift (four years ago), I had no current intentions other than to finish it. I really like this quilt and think that I will keep it. Although I give many quilts away it is nice to keep one every once in a while. So, I have hopes for the use of this quilt in the future at my home, but for now I will curl up under it.
It measures: 42" x 52"

Monday, May 18, 2015

Tiger Pride

I made this quilt for the girls soccer coach as a big thank you for letting me be a volunteer-helper coach. Being an assistant coach has meant so very much to me, and I do not know how to express my utmost thanks for such an opportunity without making and giving a quilt.

It is in the school colors: black and gold (and a little grey). It has flowers in the fabrics, but I figure you know GIRLS soccer and that his wife will probably use it more than he will. He enjoys the cold weather that starts the season. I did make it very long (on accident really...shh) so that they can share if they go to a game together (obviously not one he is coaching) or she brings their (grown) children.

Many of the fabrics were originally purchased for the 2016 quilt and, with the greys, did not work well with the black and old gold of that quilt. This quilt it more yellow and grey with pops black.
I purchased a few more fabrics and pulled a couple from the stash.

This yellow was from my stash. I did not realize that I had used a strip from one end until I had cut into it and started to piece, so I found a scrap of yellow and threw it in. I think it works well, and I do not think anyone will really even notice it. This is really the only one that was left after trimming the sides to match. You know, over trimming to the point where it would have been just fine to leave the strip the original size. So, this is a long and slender quilt.

I am really rather excited to finish and give this quilt to them. I hope they are excited to receive it.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

2015 Quilty Goals: April Update

I have been very busy in April. Not all of my business has been quilt/sewing related, but it was all fun!

Quilt related:
I finished the houndstooth quilt! Woohoo!

The Batik Slash is almost done. I have the binding on one side. I just needs to finished sewing it on to the other side and bury the threads (so close!).

I also finished a quilt top (I have not had time to blog about) that was not a part of the quilt goals, but you know how it is. Things get added.

Non-quilt related:
Well, this year I was an assistant JV and V girls soccer coach. I LOVED it! I am sad that it is over for the year. I am looking into ways to improve my coaching skills and cannot wait until next year.

Varsity went to state playoffs! It was a first for the soccer program at this location.
I am so proud of these girls. They worked hard to get to the playoffs and played hard throughout the game. This is the best team! I am thankful to have been able to help coach this wonderful team.