Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tornado Relief

If you would like to donate to help the victims this is the link to the Red Cross.

I would like to say that I am praying for my neighbors who have gone through these terrible tornadoes this past week. There have been many lives lost and the destruction is massive. I cannot completely describe what has occurred here. It is being called the second deadliest tornado outbreak in US history and the destruction is being compared to Katrina.

There were a couple of tornadoes that came very close to my home. They were in the same county, and I have seen the destruction first hand. This is a heartbreaking time for many people who have lost family, friends, dear ones, homes, and possessions. I was without power for three days, and my only loss was that of food. I know that this is very little in comparison to what others have lost.

There is so much to say about what has happened and what is happening, but all I really want to say is that I am very thankful for the support and love that my neighbors of this state and country have poured forth in this time of need! Thank you!

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