Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Swirl in the Waves

I had great BIG plans to quilt the wave quilt, but I think they were too big for my current FMQ skills. Of course we all get better as we go and trying something new stretches your knowledge, but this was just not coming together the way that I pictured in my mind.

So, I looked around at other quilts and saw a lot of beautiful quilts, but none that had the quilting, or at least the quilting level that I wanted to try, on this quilt. So, since I have been doing spirals lately I decided that a wave quilt could use some of them also.

It is still not the awesome-amazing quilting that I pictured in my mind, but I am really loving these swirls.
I am not far from having this quilt finished. I will do some thread shopping this weekend to get two colors to finish the quilting. Then it is binding, washing, and gifting.

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