Friday, February 14, 2014

Turtles and Waves

All this talk of snow, waves, and snow days made me want to finish the turtle wall hanging.

All I had left was to quilt the middle turtle, bury knots, and put a binding on it.
So, for the third snow day, I finished it up.
First I took a picture of the wave quilt in the morning with the beautiful blue sky.

The wind wasn't cooperating, and my husband was semi-complaining about the wind and the cold. So, I took another of the top on the snowy ground.
I have big plans to quilt this. I hope they work out.

Then I got to work on the turtle wall hanging.
I used a single fold binding for this quilt, since it is for decoration only. I have never used a single fold binding before, but it is quite easy and nice for a project like this. I looked around before I started and found that many cut a 1 1/2 inch binding. I cut it at 1 3/4 inches, because I was going to put it on by machine.
I buried a few knots around the turtle before quilting it so that the thread would not get in the way and then quilted the final few stiches.
Then I set to work burying the rest of the knots. It really did not take all that long, must be because it is kind of small.
Once I had it finished, I rushed outside to take pictures in the snow before it melted away.
It turned out very well, and I am very happy with it.

I really like the back. All of the thread meanderings look interesting.

I have not put a sleeve on it yet, but I will do that soon. Then it will be hung in its place of honor.
measurements: 17 /34"x 52"


Lena Wilkinson said...

I love the colors in both of these! I an currently working on a wave quilt for a friend's baby. It is fun to see it in another color scheme!

Kat said...

Beautiful quilt!

Quilt Musings said...

Love the turtles! Beautifully done!