Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Day Wave

What to do during a snow day when schools are closed and you are snowed in? You start a new quilt.
I could not help myself. This stack of fabric was calling me to cut into it.
I planned to just leave the fabric ready once I got all of the pieces cut but,...

...who can resist sewing fabric that looks this pretty?

These are bright fabrics that just call out when it is grey winter weather.

These are lovely!
When I made this quilt the last time, I had a little trouble with lining up the strips so that there was enough fabric on each side before I cut then down. This time I cut them bigger. When I cut the strips the width of the fabric, I cut that into four pieces instead of measuring them perfectly. I know they will work great because they are a good inch or so bigger than needed. Since I will be cutting these to size once sewn I just cut them roughly.

When cutting the white border/background fabrics I cut the strips first. When I started to cut the outside background trapezoids, I did not have enough fabric to cut twelve at the full size. So, I cut them a little different so that I could get twelve more. I would have been able to cut ten out of the strip that I had and then cut two more out of the last bit of fabric, but I would have wasted some fabric. I suggest cutting the main fabrics first, then the cutting the number of outside background fabric, then the strips.
If you want to make this quilt, the instructions are here.

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