Monday, February 17, 2014

Slash Sash and Basting a Wave

I finished cutting all of the squares for the Batik Slash quilt and started piecing the blocks.

I started cutting the squares way back when I started this quilt and then pieced and cut the rest of them together recently. I realize, now that I am over half way through piecing the blocks, that I cut them differently or perhaps it is the change in sewing machines sewing a different quarter inch. Either way I am not sure how I did it, but the two stacks of squares are different sizes. Which means that my blocks are different sizes.

I have not decided exactly how I will fix this, but I may put borders around the smaller ones to build them up to size. It will have to be small borders or maybe just on two sides. It will not be the design I was hoping for, but I think it will still be pretty.

I have also basted and started quilting the newest wave quilt.

I am very excited to quilt it. I hope to put circles or some pebbles in the sashing and perhaps the waves.

Currently, I am quilting straight line stich-in-the-ditch that echoes the waves, but I plan to start some FMQ soon.


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