Saturday, May 2, 2015

2015 Quilty Goals: April Update

I have been very busy in April. Not all of my business has been quilt/sewing related, but it was all fun!

Quilt related:
I finished the houndstooth quilt! Woohoo!

The Batik Slash is almost done. I have the binding on one side. I just needs to finished sewing it on to the other side and bury the threads (so close!).

I also finished a quilt top (I have not had time to blog about) that was not a part of the quilt goals, but you know how it is. Things get added.

Non-quilt related:
Well, this year I was an assistant JV and V girls soccer coach. I LOVED it! I am sad that it is over for the year. I am looking into ways to improve my coaching skills and cannot wait until next year.

Varsity went to state playoffs! It was a first for the soccer program at this location.
I am so proud of these girls. They worked hard to get to the playoffs and played hard throughout the game. This is the best team! I am thankful to have been able to help coach this wonderful team.

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