Thursday, March 12, 2015

Finishing the Unfinished 3

I cannot believe that I never showed this quilt!

It is a Roman Coin quilt, and I think it is lovely! It is hand pieced and is one of the five quilts my friend asked me to quilt for her.

I finished it May 2014, and she gave it to a family member as a baby quilt for a sweet little girl.
I looked for a while at Joann's for backing fabric that would match quilt and found this fabric, which I think works perfectly with this quilt.

I love that with this quilt there is some mirroring. The center row is completely mirrored and several others are mirrored with some of the coin fabrics but not the background fabric, but not all of the blocks match.

The four corners are mirrored and all the same.
With this quilt going to a little girl, I thought that using more pink would be perfect. I pulled this fabric out of my stash. Sweet little hearts.

I quilted this in a straight line. Soon my friend will wonder if I can quilt in any other way. Ha! It is easy and goes well with a quilt top that has been made for sometime and needs finishing. Also I think that it does not take the spotlight off of the quilt top.

So, there you go. A wonderful quilt finished. It is lovely and I have been told that the precious little girl loves it.

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