Thursday, April 2, 2015

Houndstooth Finally

I have had this quilt planned for so long! I even started making and piecing it using the tube method.

I used 2 1/2 in strips and I did not know what size the blocks would be once I cut them, but during the sample blocks, I found that when I cut them they measured 5 1/2 in cut. I think that maybe I am doing something wrong because they were not perfectly square. So, I trimmed them to 5 1/4 in. I am sure that if you wanted to use precuts you could cut the strips a little smaller and trim the squares to 5 in.

This is an excellent video on how to make the quilt the way that I planned and started making mine (way back in 2011).

I am so excited to be finally making this quilt. I had a fourth of the blocks pieced and trimmed. I also had most of the fabric cut and ready to sew. I had all of the black fabrics prepared. If I had the white prepared I have lost or used it.

So, I cut some white fabric and got to work.

I pieced all the rest of the blocks then cut, pressed, and trimmed them. I laid them all out to see how big this quilt was going to be.
Originally, like the Batik Slash, I was going to make this a lap quilt, and just like that quilt I am finishing it just like it is.

I love the way that this turned out. It is very pretty and I know that the receiving family will love it so much!
I cannot decide exactly how to quilt it. I don't want any white thread on the black parts or black thread on the white parts. So far I have quilted on the diagonal where the blocks meet. I have a few ideas, so I will start more quilting soon.

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