Friday, April 17, 2015

Houndstooth-Bama Finish

I have decided to name this quilt Bama.
It is a very fitting name for an Alabama quilt. I thought of a few other names such as Bear, Paul, Bryant, Paul Bear Bryant, Alabama, Alabama Tide, Tide, Roll Tide, and Houndstooth, but the only name that really stuck with was Bama.

I gave this quilt to the person that it was promised to as a wedding present about four years ago, oh me! She loved it!

Since I decided to finish it the size that worked best with the fabric that I had for it (or could find that I had original fabric for this quilt) it finished as a baby quilt; 38 1/2" x 42 1/2". Fortunately they have a baby and it works great for her!
I quilted free-motion swirls (roll tides) in each block and used white in the white parts and black in the black parts. I also quilted in the ditch; straight in the long diagonal using white and around the outside in black (I think that description is confusing, so trust me it outlined all of the blocks). I think it worked very well.
The backing is Alabama fabric and the binding is houndstooth fabric in grey. I still have a whole lot of these fabrics, so be prepare to see them in the future. Most likely since I have so much they will be backings of some quilts, but we will see how it the creative juices use them.
Although I was not a fan of the process while making this quilt; now that it is finished I want to make two or three more. It really was not terrible to make; more annoying than anything working with the bias, however, the end product is so worth it!
Also, I love taking pictures in a field of canola! There is just something about so much yellow! Everywhere you look is yellow. I just love it! Yellow was my first favorite color, so I am a little partial to yellow.

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That is a very striking graphic design.