Sunday, December 28, 2014

2016 Finished

 I am in LOVE with this quilt. Be prepared for photo overload.
Go Tigers!
Look at the date quilted in the back! It looks so good! Also, this is black with white dot fabric. I am not sure why it looks grey, but I just had to show this picture.

I looked and looked for a fabric that I liked for the backing but could not find what I imagined. So, I looked in my stash for something else that would work. I found this black fabric with white dots and then added the white fabric and the white with black crisscross lines. It is not what I envisioned, but it is better.

I had planned to use the black fabric for the binding, but I used more than I thought I would in the quilt and did not have enough left for the binding. So, I used some of the other fabric that I had left over and I think that looks really wonderful also.
It was well received and treasured. Although this was made for a momma, she plans to use this for all sorts of graduation stuff next year. I am ecstatic that could make this happen for her. It seems that I am most excited that she plans to use this to keep warm at games.

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