Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Quilting Challenge Complete

This was my quilting challenge. The quilt was thick and I was not sure how should or would quilt it.
What I settled on was a stich-in-the-ditch just along the rows that were sewn together and on the edges to sew a long line down near the center of the blocks.

I am very happy to have this quilt finished. After finishing this quilt I have decided that if I am going to machine quilt I will not use such a think batting. I have found that I have trouble with thick battings before and this confirmed what I thought about my use of high lofted batting.

I did not trim up the sides because I did not want to alter the quilt as it was made. It is hard to notice in this picture that the top has a slight angle and the bottom has a large angle.

I used two different purple fabrics for the back with the last of the green/purple dot fabric. All I have left of this dot fabric is a few scraps.

The binding was put on by machine. It is a purple fabric with little fans on it.
The problem that I had mostly with this quilt is the puckers on the back.

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