Saturday, December 14, 2013

Quilting Challenge

A friend of mine asked me to quilt a stack of quilt tops for her. These quilt tops were made by her aunt who had passed away some time ago. I told her that I would put them in the stack of projects and I though I would begin with this one.
I think it is beautiful and the picture does NOT do it justice.
 I was not sure how I wanted to quilt this. It is made out of perhaps two different fabrics that are those pre-quilted fabrics that do not have a back. Side note: I do not know what this kind of fabric is called. If you know feel free to educate me. She took this fabric and pieced it back together to make a very interesting quilt. Being made from this fabric, it is very bulky. I did not want it to have a bunch of ridges in the quilt where the seams were when quilted, so I used a gifted, high-loft batting. I think was a good choice.

I have it basted and plan to stich-in-the-ditch down the long seams. Let's get to quilting.

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