Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Mama's Green Strip Quilt

My mama got a quilt for Christmas, and I made it for her!
She has it on her couch to show it off to everyone who comes over. I wanted to take a picture of it and the back, so she started showing it off to me! She is so cute. You can see some of her hand in the above picture.

I used the only piece of Castle Peeps, that I have been able to get, on the back. My mom loves castles, so she gets the fabric. She thought it was great.

I of course used my favorite quilting waves. It is the best!
I do not currently have any green thread, so in the dark green stripes I used black thread. Although it is not green it still looks good.
Since my sister and I are both married and spend Christmas with our in laws, she in another state, we celebrate Christmas with our mom on the first day of winter. I finished the binding on this quilt that morning before heading to my mom's for our Christmas.
That was my theme this year: finish the morning and sometimes the hour of.

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