Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May small projects list

I have been avoiding away from my blog for several reasons. One is that I was waiting to understand the new blogger setup. Still working on that. Two my husband's family is experiencing extreme sadness, which I may or may not discuss tell you about.

Say thanks to Crazy Mom Quilts for the idea to have a small project sew along and the reason for this post. Amanda Jean has a list of twenty things to do.

Me, not so many.

I think I may add to it later but for now:
1. finish blue jean tree skirt
2. baby blankets (4) (3) I finished all three in one weekend
3. skirts (5) (2)
4. Kindle cover
5. baby sheet

I have a list of not so small projects. You will see what comes of that, hopefully. So, here is to May and the completion of some small projects.

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