Saturday, May 19, 2012

Kindle Cover

Still working on May small projects.

This was made for my manager who received from her daughter (you will never guess) a Kindle (you got it; you are amazing) for her birthday.

She was so super excited to get it and talked about it at work. She said that she was doing so much with it and carrying it around with her almost everywhere and that she was worried about getting it scratched.

You know how it goes. You hear something like this and before you think you say "I'll make you a cover!"

So, I did AND... it was super easy AND gratifying.

She said she wanted it to be purple. Well, I had left over purple fabric WITH batting already in place from this project (it was the backing fabric). I matched up some other purple fabric and a button and we were in business.


I started to quilt the fabric and the batting. This was so much fun. The straight lines were easy to make on a small project like this. I did not have to rearrange the bulk fabric that I have with a quilt; making the lines almost perfect!

I turned the fabric right sides together and sewed the side and bottom closed.

I took my inside piece and sewed the side and bottom closed leaving a small gap (about two inches) open. Just like making a pillow or one of my baby blankets, we will be turning this inside out through the hole.

I made a button loop. I cut a strip of fabric two inches wide by ? inches long (I do not remember how long it was. I trimmed it off later, after I made sure it would fit over the button). I folded it half then ironed.


Then folded the halves in half and ironed. Then re-ironed the original fold so that the raw edges were inside and sewed the edge closed (no picture of that *sad face). Whew, I hope all of that made sense.

Here is where I trimmed the excess off of the button loop. I just eye-balled the needed amount of loop and pinned each side to the center of the cover. Then I slipped the inside over the outside making sure that the loop was also slipped in, right sides together and sewed the top (are you with me?).

Then I turned it inside out using that little hole at the bottom of the inside fabric then sewed that hole closed. Wow, my picture taking of the steps started to slack here. I must remember to have a talk with the photographer, he he.


Then you just tuck the inside in. See how the button loop just pops out without extra sewing!

Almost finished!

At this point you can just sew the button on and be finished with it OR you can sew around the outside of the top to tack it down.
I tried to do that, but the sewing was not even. So, I torn the sewing out and just put the button on. That way if she wants the inside to be the outside she can turn it inside out and reposition the button. I doubt that she will do that, but she can.

I wanted to get a picture of this with the Kindle in it, but I did not have my camera OR my phone with me when we tried it out, but it fit so great.

I really enjoyed making this. It took so little time to make it.

I have enough of this fabric left to make another one of these. Maybe I should make one for me. Then I would have an excuse to get a Kindle.

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