Friday, May 18, 2012

Baby Blanket

For all of the babies that have received sheets from me, I have also made baby blankets. I did not take any pictures of either. My picture taking has slacked lately! BUT since I am making more blankets (and sheets) I decided to make this tutorial and TAKE PICTURES of the process.

How do I make these blankets? Well, it is much like making a pillow...

I get a total of two yards of flannel. I say total because you can use the same or different fabric for the front and the back. I have done both.

Place right sides together.

Fold in half. Fold in half again (it is now folded into quarters).
folded into quarters.
Square up all sides. At this point you can leave the corner squared or you can curve it. As you can see I usually curve it use a salad plate as a template.

plate intention
Open up the folds and sew all the way around the outside leaving a four to five inch space that you do not sew closed. You can use a 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch seam. I have used both.

space left unsewn to turn inside out

It is your chose to clip the curved corners (I find that they smooth out better) just make sure you do not cut the thread. Been there done that. Then you have to resew the cut section.

notches-these could be neater and prettyier, but who is going to see it?
Reach into the opening and pull the blanket inside out. Then sew the section closed. I find that if you press the blanket (you press the blanket before finishing might as well save yourself some time and frustration) that it is easier to sew. You can sew this closed on the top of the blanket or by blind stitch. I have done both.

You want me to stick my hand where?
I wish I had taken a picture of pulling the blanket through the hole, but you can use your imagination for that.
The final step is to press the edge and then sew around the outside. I have been experimenting with the different decorative stitches on my machine for this, but it can be a straight stitch.

I chose the leaf pattern on my machine. Fits don't you think?
There you have it. A blanket for a baby. For me many blankets for many babies. I do love making these! They are so fast.

Like I said, it is much like making a pillow. The difference is stuffing. Pillows are stuffed and this is not. Top stitch if you like or don't. That part is optional.

May small project list down by one.

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