Monday, April 16, 2012

Graduation Pictures!

Graduation pictures as promised.

These were taken by my friend. She does not live close to me, so I did not know that she was having a hard time which makes me sad. Anyways she sent me these pictures the other day, so here they are.

On my way to the stage.

Hi there!

Getting my diploma cover and telling Dr. Glenn "Thank you, and I will!" Dr. Glenn says to every graduate "Congratulations!" and "Do good work."

He got an unexpected hug from me here. I thought it was great!

The happy/I just graduated dance.

YESSSSS! Hahaha...

I got my diploma that day too. I just had to pick it up after the ceremony. It is in the white envelope.

There you have it. I graduated. I am still waiting for my certification from the state. It should be here any day. Hopefully this fall I will be teaching. Let the good times start!

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