Friday, January 20, 2012

Turtle, pink, and purple finish

The turtle quilt is finished, shipped, delivered, and being enjoyed!

The pillowcase inspiration that started it all!

The front

I really had a hard time letting go of this quilt. I fell in love! I told you that I love turtles too and my favorite color is purple. I just thought about how much this young lady would love this quilt, plus the fact that I have left overs and can make a similar one! So, off it went into the world to comfort someone else and that makes me happy.

The back

I quilted this with diagonal lines. I sure am enjoying the diagonal lines! I think the last few quilts have had diagonal lines. Well, anyways, I used green and purple thread to quilt it. It alternates in colors.

I am in love with this binding! I just love those two colors together. I did not think I would like them together, but they just look amazing! Also, in case you were wondering this is the green fabric that I intended to use as a border, but then decided that a purple border with this as the binding would be better. So glad that I went with that!

Plus I followed crazy mom quilts directions for binding to a T, and it turned out PERFECT! Usually I look at something, think I have done this a billion times, then do it my way with guidance, and the corner gets annoyingly strained/ pinched. This time I followed every detail. All I can say is that she really knows her stuff and ALL four corners were PERFECT! I also machine bound it using her instructions. I sure do enjoy binding better now.

I used the same green thread to bind it as I did quilting it. I was very worried that I would not have enough thread. So, I used white thread to attach the binding to the quilt then used the green thread to sew it to the front, and it JUST worked out to be enough.

It finished at 45"x65"

I would like to give a big thank you to my co-worker who held the quilt up for me. Thank you Polly!! Also, that is a tiger in the background. ;)

Linked to Crazy Mom Quilts finish it up Friday week 11

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