Friday, March 6, 2015

Batik Slash Sash Flimsy

I started this quilt summer of 2011.
When I started this quilt I had someone in mind and I planned to make this a lap sized quilt.
I, of course, thought I would have it finished by now, but other projects continued to get more attention. I worked on this some last spring and again put it to the side. Since I am working diligently on my 2015 quilty goals this one has come to the top.

It is NOT a lap quilt, but it is okay to change plans.

It IS a wonderful baby quilt. Even though many of the points do not meet and some are cut off, this is a beautiful quilt. Technique does not always take center stage, nor does it always have to.

This quilt was pieced on two different machines. I am not certain if that is what made the blocks different sizes, but I've heard that it can. Especially if you do not know where your true quarter inch is located on the machine you are using.

For the most part, the size difference in the blocks do not affect the quilt. I trimmed all of the blocks to three different sizes as close to its previous size and in groups of four. Then I joined these groups into rows. I put a border on each section to make up for the smaller blocks. I am going to trim these borders after quilting to square up the sides.

I have a backing for this quilt and will start quilting it soon.

A little something extra: a picture of me spreading this quilt on the fresh snow for a snow picture. Enjoy the purple sweat pants.

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