Monday, November 4, 2013

T-Shirt Layout

After getting the T-shirts ready to sew, I tried several layouts. I wanted to have a colored square in each corner, the other colored ones in the center, to keep a front and back together, and cut as little as possible.

This is how I started. I knew that I would have a block that was pieced together using the pocket prints and prints on two sleeves. I was hoping that I could fit everything together before making this block so that I knew what size to cut the squares and what size to make the block.

 I rearranged and rearranged until I decided to move the other blue one and the green one. This arrangement gave me the best size without cutting to much. It was almost perfect in rows from side to side. The blocks were not all the same size in the rows so I trimmed them to be the same height. Mostly I cut from the bottom since there was empty space at the bottom of each block until they were the same height.

It gave me the size I needed for the final pieced block, which I whipped up. I also had four more squares to use and thought that the green block had the most space at he bottom and had a little unwanted look on it. This left the best place to piece the rest of the blocks.

Once I had it all lined up, I began sewing the rows together.

Then I sewed the rows together and suddenly I had a quilt top finished.
For me this takes a little bit of time to get the T-shirts all lined up. T-shirts have different sized prints and make different sized blocks to fit together. It is a puzzle to fit them all together. It is always my hope to fit them together without cutting too much or adding filler.
I love making these quilts. They are always soft and show a person's life in fabric.

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