Thursday, November 14, 2013


I know one of the last posts I made was to say that my machine was back and I would be going through a lot of sewing, so I thought I would explain.

I took my machine in to be repaired because I could not do free-motion quilting. It bothered me a lot that I could not quilt like I wanted. I put a couple of quilts to the side because I could not FMQ on them without the thread fraying or snapping. It was so bad that it would do this after three to five stitches. That is NOT fun at all. Think of all of the knots to bury. My machine was fine with straight-line quilting but not much more.

So, I took it mostly to fix this problem. I brought it home and put it to work. Well, it did not last  long before it started doing the exact same thing that it was before. I was very upset.

I have still not taken it back to be worked on, but I have some news that I will be sharing before long.

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