Monday, November 25, 2013


Recap: my machine did not work well. I took it in for maintenance. It worked for about a month before returning to the unwanted stiches. I did not take it back for more maintenance/work.

So, what did I do when my machine would not work well enough? I bought a new machine.

I thought about a new machine but did not plan on actually getting a new machine. I just made my machine do what it could do.

Then one day, I was reading the local yard sale page on Facebook. There was a young lady selling five quilt books for $5 a piece or $20 for all five. They were new books, and a couple were books that I have been wanting but not wanting to spend the money right now. So, I met with her and bought the books. In the process of talking to her about quilting, she told me that she pieces and quilts by hand and that she had a machine for sale that she has also placed on the yard sale page. I briefly asked her about the machine and took my books home to soak in my find.

The problem was that the machine was still in my mind and my machine was so making me mad. I looked up the post and sent her a few messages. She told me that she had it for about 18 months and did not use it for anything other than piecing a few quilt backs, which she could do by hand or at her mother's.

I spoke with my husband, who told me that if I thought it was a good deal and I wanted it to purchase it from her.

I arranged for a meeting and bought it. It is a Bernina B330. It was a steal for the price she wanted and it being such great shape! The throat is a little smaller than I wanted, but in all other aspects it is PERFECT! She also gave me a machine carrier!

My husband has affectionately named it the "Berninja," and I have been playing with it.

I found a local Bernina store and bought a few more feet for it and a shiny new case to put those feet and other accessories. I also was able to have, someone who knew a lot more about it, show me how do other things besides straight stitching.

So, my little Berninja and I will be sewing/finishing a lot of things soon. Stay tuned; sewing stuff will be coming soon. I am so excited!

Also, I will have pictures soon. I am just so busy sewing.

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