Monday, January 16, 2012


I would love to post many pictures of graduation as promised, but my husband did not know that the camera was in the bag. You know the CAMERA BAG! OK it is not a real camera bag and it has not been in use as a camera bag very long, but still I hand him a bag to take with him to watch the graduation and it is the bag that I keep my camera in which I thought he knew. His response, "I wondered what this bag was for."

It is OK though, because my mom videoed it (I swear she broke through security to film me) and my best friend (from elementary days) took pictures. So, I will have pictures. I just can't post them NOW!! So when I get them you will see them, promise.

For the record there is security, but she did not have to break through them to get to the front to record me. I just hope she had the lens cap off and the battery charged. She filmed something once with the lens cap on and the battery died at my sister's graduation; she ran to a plug and filmed the rest of it! Memories!

I will leave you with this picture that I took when I got my metal and tassel.

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